Baltimore City Police Car Crown Victoria for GTA SA.

Baltimore City Police skin made by JSDGraphics Original Model by bxbugs123 DOWNLOAD:

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What Would Happen If I Played GTA Like Real LAPD? - GTA SA
- This video is just for fun. I fully respect the LAPD. - Thanks for taking this video to the 10,000,000 view marker:) - And just to let you all know, I decided not to be selfish by getting money off this video, because if I did, there would be an ad in front of the video.:) Just like in real life for Los Angeles Police Department, this is the backup Officer CJ calls in for a man who is wanted for not paying a speeding ticket. GTA IV VERSION OF THIS: engine sounds: ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE, LIKE THIS FACEBOOK PAGE TO RECEIVE UPDATES WHENEVER AN OFFICER DIES IN THE UNITED STATES.

What Would Happen If I Played GTA Like Real CHP? - GTA SA
THIS IS A JOKE, I DONT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST CHP. A man gets pulled over, only to run and be chased by an accurate number of CHP officers.

Baltimore City Police Taurus Interceptor
Just a little promo video for the new Taurus Interceptor with my Baltimore City Police skin that I made, and Boatinman's FS Legend, The Taurus was made by the guys at project interceptor, enjoy this little response video I made of the Interceptor using my police skin, Baltimore City

GTA SA LAPD Police Chase
LAPD chase some cat around the ghetto of LA and the dowtown core, you think you can ride dirty in my city, phft, chump Credits: 05Bowtie Car Unknown Author of the skin, sorry