friction drive/chain drive bicycle engine kit - PROTOTYPE VID 1 of 2

Combo Drive bicycle engine kit prototype from A friction drive system that can be converted into a chain drive system with our belt driven or chain driven jackshaft kit.

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friction drive/chain drive bicycle engine kit - PROTOTYPE VID 2 of 2
Updated video on the RoadBug Motors combo drive kit. A bicycle engine kit that can be used as friction drive or chain drive.

The Bob an Electric Pusher Bicycle Hauler Trailer First Run
Bob Electric Bicycle Trailer EV Hauler 36v 10ah Lithium Polymer battery Mag Motor Q4D Motor Controller with Regen There is a need for an electric assisted bicycle hauler trailer. This original proof of concept project demonstrates a solution to meet this need. This project was conceived and designed by Sri and built by Sri and Roy in Santa Barbara (2009). If we can do it - you can too! For more info visit - - after Earth Day 2009.

Homemade friction drive motor bike part one
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Upgraded Home Made Hybrid Electric and pedal assisted Bicycle. Using a 350w 24 volt dc motor
This is my husbands updated version of his home made pedal assisted electric bicycle