friction drive/chain drive bicycle engine kit - PROTOTYPE VID 1 of 2

Combo Drive bicycle engine kit prototype from A friction drive system that can be converted into a chain drive system with our belt driven or chain driven jackshaft kit.

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friction drive/chain drive bicycle engine kit - PROTOTYPE VID 2 of 2
Updated video on the RoadBug Motors combo drive kit. A bicycle engine kit that can be used as friction drive or chain drive.

Homemade friction drive motor bike part one
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Upgraded Home Made Hybrid Electric and pedal assisted Bicycle. Using a 350w 24 volt dc motor
This is my husbands updated version of his home made pedal assisted electric bicycle

Part 29 Motorized Bike | 3HP 4 Stroke Engine
Part 29 of swapping a 3hp 4 stroke engine into my motorized bicycle. This bike has a 99cc 4 stroke Harbor Freight engine. I'm using a centrifugal clutch and a jackshaft assembly. The chain is routed down to a 40 tooth sprocket from Pirate Cycles and a homemade self adjusting chain tensioner.