friction drive/chain drive bicycle engine kit - PROTOTYPE VID 1 of 2

Combo Drive bicycle engine kit prototype from A friction drive system that can be converted into a chain drive system with our belt driven or chain driven jackshaft kit.

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friction drive/chain drive bicycle engine kit - PROTOTYPE VID 2 of 2
Updated video on the RoadBug Motors combo drive kit. A bicycle engine kit that can be used as friction drive or chain drive.

Golden Eagle bike engine kit
Golden Eagle engine bike kit on an old beach cruiser. it's great to run around the neighborhood. I hink I'll try to take it to work. My Electric bikes can't make it, but I know this will.

Part 29 Motorized Bike | 3HP 4 Stroke Engine
Part 29 of swapping a 3hp 4 stroke engine into my motorized bicycle. This bike has a 99cc 4 stroke Harbor Freight engine. I'm using a centrifugal clutch and a jackshaft assembly. The chain is routed down to a 40 tooth sprocket from Pirate Cycles and a homemade self adjusting chain tensioner.

Almost free weed wacker bike in action!
SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!A quick ride . Any ?s check out my how to videos or comment. thanks for watching and sub if you like em! =make your own for almost nothing!!!!! =this bike racing my scopion moped!