Scrapin The Coast 2012 Stillen Supercharged 350Z Dyno

Scrapin The Coast 2012. 2003 350Z Stillen Supercharger 7lbs Boost. 271 rwhp which seems to be very off, maybe due to being 104 degrees or the rain that came for a second but Im going to get another reading from a different Dyno. The stillen kit should add 101whp and stock is 230whp so I should have 330whp or near it give or take 10-20hp. Other than that Scrapin the Coast 2012 was excellent!! Got 3rd place All Foreign.

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stillen supercharged 350z in car veiw 89a jerome to prescott
flying down the mountain twisty road

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This yellow Nissan 350z equipped with a Stillen Supercharger does a few Dyno runs at the Mopar Car Show in Avondale, Arizona 3/7/15. The whine of the Supercharger is very loud along with the car's Exhaust. Not sure why the car made lower than expected horsepower... Results at the end of the video. Mopars Unlimited of Arizona - Arizona's Largest Mopar Club HEMI H.E.M.I Car Show - Universal Technical Institute UTI of Phoenix