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Scrapin The Coast 2012 Stillen Supercharged 350Z Dyno

Scrapin The Coast 2012. 2003 350Z Stillen Supercharger 7lbs Boost. 271 rwhp which seems to be very off, maybe due to being 104 degrees or the rain that came for a second but Im going to get another reading from a different Dyno. The stillen kit should add 101whp and stock is 230whp so I should have 330whp or near it give or take 10-20hp. Other than that Scrapin the Coast 2012 was excellent!! Got 3rd place All Foreign.


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stillen supercharged 350z in car veiw 89a jerome to prescott
flying down the mountain twisty road

Shelby GT500 on the Dyno at Scrapin the Coast 2013
Shelby GT500 on the Dyno at Scrapin the Coast 2013 video recorded by Drag Racing Dirty South Style check us out on Facebook and give us a like https://www.facebook.com/DragRacingDirtySouthStyle?ref=hl

jorges scrapin the coast 2012
this was so kool to watch the girls got low 2

Scrapin' The Coast 2012 Ep. 1 - Friday Arrival and Judging
Scrapin' The Coast 2012! It's gonna be bigger and better than ever! Today we cruised to the Coliseum, got judged, and parked our trucks in a good spot. It was a lot of fun and there's tons of nice rides there already! It's gonna be a great show!

350z Stillen Supercharged Stage 3
This is my 350z with a Stillen Supercharger with Stage 3 kit on 8lbs of Boost, tuned with Osiris by Z1 Motorsports, Exhaust consist of race headers, high flow cats, to oem nissan resonator and straigh

Scrapin' The coast 2013 Episode 2 - Clean trucks and night life on the strip!
This video covers most of the Saturday video I have, still lots more video to come! Comment if you see your vehicle! Thanks for watching my Scrapin' coverage again this year. Follow me: https://twitter.com/KyleGravois

Jeep Wrangler Slammed - Scrapin the Coast 2012
Jeep Wrangler Slammed - Scrapin the Coast 2012 #scrapinthecoast #chevy #biloxi #teamhotcars

350Z Full Bolt-Ons (Motordyne/Stillen)
2006 Nissan 350Z (6MT) Mods: K&N Drop In Filter Motordyne 5/16" Spacer Motordyne MREV2 Stillen Headers Motordyne ART Pipes Motordyne Shockwave TDX V2 Uprev Tuned Tein S-Tech Springs Eibach 20mm Spacers NOTE: The sound quality on the flyby and even the rev-up is simply inadequate and does not do the car justice. In the video, it sounds almost as if there is some rasp, but that's actually just the microphone crapping out due to the extreme bass and volume of the Exhaust note. Next time, I'll have to get a special, external microphone to keep this from happening. Please enjoy the video, rate it, leave comments, etc. Thanks for watching!

Scrapin the coast 2012
I'm stuck

Video of Scrapin' The Coast Summon the Rawk Time: 3:28 - 209 BPM (Presto - Fast) Genre: Rock Bass, Guitar, Kit, Synth Download Double kick drums, aggressive bass... perfect for: entrance music for pro-wrestlers, annoying the neighbors, playing "air drums", long walks on the beach. ISRC: US-UAN-12-00050 Aggressive, Dark, Driving, Grooving, Intense 2012

How To with Kyle Millen: STILLEN Nissan Maxima Front Lip Install
How To with Kyle Millen: STILLEN Nissan Maxima Front Lip Install A common complaint with fitment on our Nissan Maxima Front Lip is usually just due to incorrect installation. Here is a quick video to easily walk you through the proper way to install this front lip. If you have any more questions regarding our Nissan Maxima Urethane Front Lip, feel free to call us at (866) 250-5542 or visit http://www.stillen.com


350z stillen true dual exhaust jwt popcharger intake soundclip
installed stillen true dual Exhaust,quick sound clip low rev mid rev and high rev, quick launch a bit louder from stock gets louder when open throttle otherwise no drone at all. better throttle response as well. other mods-spl solid bushings spl control arms bc coils and lightweight flywheel exedy clutch.

Scrapin' The Coast 2012 Ep. 4 - Big Bass In Your Face
This episode contains a lot of the loud systems that were there. Including JP's Hoe, The HVCA Hoe, Vince's Tundra, and many more! To see more of JP's system: http://www.youtube.com/user/thelifeofprice/ To see more of the HVCA Hoe (4 18"s on on 18,000 watts): http://www.youtube.com/user/jat4011/ Song: Blaze n Blizzard - Liquid Flamehydroxen (noncopyrighted music)

Scrapin' The Coast 2012 Ep. 3 - Hairtricks, BryanTheCEO, & Models!
Hair tricks, MODIFIED, model photo shoot on my truck, this show is incredible! And it only gets better from here! This is the beginning of the show footage! Still bigger and better things to come, but I'm trying to keep these episodes a little brief because I know you guys have the attention span of a squirrel. It was awesome to meet you Bryan! Check out his channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SeriousBusinessEnt song: Valato - Son OF A Pitch (Original Mix) **Noncopyrighted Music**

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