Beems Holset 240

Friends 95 240SX. We were bored, decided to shoot some videos, and came up with this. Enjoyyy

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Beems 240 Dyno
Beems Holset 240 on the Dyno at ILL Garage

iLL Fest 2011
Big turnout... Song is Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg. I do not take any credit for the music whatsoever...

SR20 winter cold start with the holset
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. first time starting since winter hit. over 2 months of sitting

Beems 240 & Zlats REX
Beems 95 S14 240: S13 SR20 swap (S14 SR20 ECU), Isis Exhaust, AEM UEGO Wideband, Greddy turbo Timer, Rota 17x9.5 with Azeni rubbers, Stance Coilovers, HOLSET HX35 (not in video yet), camber arms, short throw, welded diff, Megan front lip (not in video yet) and a pretty FMIC. Zlats Rex (my car): 2007 WRX TR has a Bellmouth 4in downpipe with hi-flo cat connected to a 3in midpipe, stock bypass valve, stock TMIC, Cobb Stage 2, Cobb Ram Air, SPEC Stage 3 Six puck clutch, very very lightweight ACT flywheel. Revs done in the subaru were from idle to redline almost each time. It revs fast