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Beems Holset 240

Friends 95 240SX. We were bored, decided to shoot some videos, and came up with this. Enjoyyy


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Homemade mudflappies on the Rex
Made my own mudflaps. Got the material for free from work. Found dimensions and made cardboard cutouts. Transferred them to these thick ass pieces of rubber. Only paid $7.17 for mudflaps. Hardware is what killed me in price lolol

Beems 240 Dyno
Beems Holset 240 on the Dyno at ILL Garage

Rb30det 240sx S14 Running Rich
Pretty sure it's the coolant temp sensor.

Kay Why Drift Day

my nissan 240sx upgrades.mpg
This is my 95 240sx I bought it in December of last yeah and i just wanted so show the upgrades I have done to date.

Stage 2 WRX In Car
*** Sorry for the camera rattle, next videos won't have it*** Just me doing some 1st-2nd gear pulls in my Rex. First pull is from 10-15mph to 50mph Second pull is from 10-15mph to 70mph The car has a small 18G @ 17lbs with a Cobb Stage 2 93oct OTS tune. Runs fairly rich which I hate. Time for a real tune this year with some more Boost, front mount, and ewg.

HX35 powered 240 tuned with nistune
my sr20det powered 240sx with the new HX35 turbo and twinscroll manifold. runs strong on low Boost setting, still tuning for more Boost ill upload videos if people want, tuned with nistune and love it!

SR20DET 800hp Dyno Run
800hp pull on Clinton's SR20DET, runing 29psi with a Holset HX52 turbo and Link G4 Extreme ECU and tuned by Phil at NZEFI, Engine built by Car Aid Engine Developments in Christchurch New Zealand.

12.3 sec drag run in Holset powered e30
Team Condor Speed Shop runs a 12.3 sec drag run in their Holset powered wide-body e30 at the 2010 GRASSROOTS MOTORSPORTS Challenge. The car has an HX35 running 21lbs of Boost with a Stock m20 motor. Tuning was done with the stock motronic and a 535 AFM. We blew the Head-gasket on the next run.

Quicksilver_s14 comp
1998 blacktop sr20det, holset hx35w, 1.7 bar...just out messing around

Beems 240 & Zlats REX
Beems 95 S14 240: S13 SR20 swap (S14 SR20 ECU), Isis Exhaust, AEM UEGO Wideband, Greddy turbo Timer, Rota 17x9.5 with Azeni rubbers, Stance Coilovers, HOLSET HX35 (not in video yet), camber arms, short throw, welded diff, Megan front lip (not in video yet) and a pretty FMIC. Zlats Rex (my car): 2007 WRX TR has a Bellmouth 4in downpipe with hi-flo cat connected to a 3in midpipe, stock bypass valve, stock TMIC, Cobb Stage 2, Cobb Ram Air, SPEC Stage 3 Six puck clutch, very very lightweight ACT flywheel. Revs done in the subaru were from idle to redline almost each time. It revs fast

Saab 9-5 Holset HX40 Knutstorp STCS 2010
Check out my website: www.customcab.se Did a couple of easy laps with my 9-5 on a track day. Cooked my engine oil and shot my big end bearings.

97 jetta holset hx35 turbo dyno run
97 jetta holset hx35 turbo 324hp 9.8lbs of Boost

iLL Fest 2011
Big turnout... Song is Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg. I do not take any credit for the music whatsoever...

valtonen alastaro drag and drift
Mazuni drag and drift

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1982 Volvo 240 Turbo: 13.640 @ 105.742
Doug Kauer, Engine: B23FT, Turbos: Holset HY35W Tires: Kuhmo's

1975 Volvo 240 RS: 14.111 @ 96.000
Eje H, Engine: 350, Tires: 26x10.5x15LT M/T ET street

1984 Volvo 240 242 GLT: 14.890 @ 88.230
Jarrod Pilone, Engine: 2.1L 4 banger, Turbos: T3 Garrett Tires: 195/60/15

1984 Volvo 240 242 Turbo: 14.954 @ 91.620
Will, Engine: 2.1L I-4 SOHC, Turbos: Garret TB-03 W/50 tr Tires: 185/70/14 TW 30

1981 Volvo 240 turbo wagon: 16.360 @ 83.830
Athal, Engine: B21FT, Turbos: T3 Tires: 205/60/15

1992 Volvo 240 : 18.239 @ 74.820
Zack, Engine: B23,

1987 Volvo 240 Dl Station Wagon: 18.380 @ 77.400
Adam Sassi, Engine: Volvo B23F, Supercharger: naturally asparated Turbos: naturally asparated Tires: Bridgestone Potenza RE-92


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