Earthquake Som, Suspençao a ar e Performace

Passat 1.8T, GMC Sierra e Maverick GT

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Maverick Night 2
Sambódromo SP - Maverick night 2 dia 24 de julho de 2008.

Brand new Silverado in water at, ramp total loss
Poor guy lost his brand new 2016 Silverado in the water. Truck slid down the ramp on the slime at 5th St boat ramp in lakeport ca

Video da História do Maverick Paulo Figueiredo
Essa é uma pequena historia mostrando um pouco sobre o meu Ford Maverick, vc ira ver a transformacao completa atrazes de slide...espero que gostem Autor do video: Paulo Figueiredo Site ondem encontrei meu maverick a venda:

10 Most Amazing Vehicles
Most of these means of transportation won't take you a few kilometers from home to work, but they'll do just fine for a stroll in a city park or moving around the office. In any case, they look unusual and for that alone deserve your attention. So, here are the ten craziest means of transportation.