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LGB C & S Forney w/ LGB 65001 Sound

This is an LGB Colorado and Southern Forney (27251) that I retrofitted with an LGB 65001 American Steam Sound Unit and an LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit for a gentleman in Florida. Additionally, I installed a reed switch assembly for magnetic triggering of the bell and whistle and an external volume control. This engine is used on a DC(analog) layout.


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Weltgrößte LGB Gartenbahn Spur G | World largest garden model railway
➯➯➯ http://tobias-braeker.de Eisenbahnwelten im Kurort Rathen, Deutschland, weltgrößte LGB Gartenbahn Spur G World largest garden model railway Track G-scale 45mm at "Eisenbahnwelten" in Rathen, Germany

Elke und Jens Handro bei Bruno in der Schweiz - LGB Gartenbahn
http://www.havellender.de - Wir sind zu Gast in Avers/Schweiz bei Bruno Pedrini in seinem schönen Ferienhaus! Rund herum fährt der Allegra der Rhätischen Bahn in Spur G auf unzähligen selbst gebauten Brückenpfeilern. Eine Sehenswürdigkeit der besonderen Art auf einer realen Höhe von 1.800 m über Meeresspiegel! We are guests in Avers / Switzerland at Bruno Pedrini in his beautiful house! Around moves the Allegra Rhaetian Railway in G gauge on countless self-built bridge piers. A special kind of attraction to a real height of 1,800 m above sea level!

JLGB enjoys the beautiful weather in his LGB garden
Lots of trains running round the garden

LGB Mogul Tender w/ LGB 65001 Sound Installed
This is an LGB DSP & PRR Mogul tender that I retrofitted with an LGB 65001 American Steam Sound Unit and the LGB 65011 Power Storage unit. The switched sound functions and the voltage-dependent chuff are illustrated here.

LGB Forney
This is my new LGB Forney, Except it has an electronic issue that I can't fix. Hopefully someone might know what to do. The black thing I put on the track is a special magnet that is suppost to sound the whistle or bell as it passes over it. But mine doesn't seem to respond. If you hear music in the background that's my mum's music playing on the family stereo.

Terror Trestle - G-scale model train
LGB Forney pushes video camera on a flat car over a 70' long x 8' high cedar trestle about October 2000. 5 Months construction with 5 weeks off to prove to wife and son I could do something other than make Cedar sawdust out of 2"x6"x12' lumber.

LGB Pennsylvania w/ Digitrax Decoder and Phoenix Sound
This an LGB Pennsylvania Starter Set with a Digitrax decoder and a Phoenix 2K2 soundboard, which I installed. This video illustrates the switchable sound functions.

2085d + Massoth EeMotion XLS
This is an LGB European Mallet (2085d) that I installed a Massoth eMotion XLS sound decoder into for a gentleman in Webster Groves, Missouri.

Wild West Forney + MRC Sound Decoder
This is a Wild West Forney that I retrofitted with an MRC Sound Decoder.

Great sound-LGB Garden Railroad Railway Gartenbahn toy train
Indoor LGB (Lehmann Gartenbahn) Garden Railroad. This is a model train of The Harzer Schmalspurbahnen (Harz Narrow Gauge Railway) in Germany. The locomotive is No. 99 7222, which is in service until today. Here, a model of this locomotive is equipped with different sounds (bell, horn, cleaning the scarlet from ashes, station announcements, driving sound etc.) Die LGB Gartenbahn-Lokomotive 99 7222 der Harzer Schmalspurbahnen zeigt auf einer Modul-Modellbahnanlage, was sie in Sachen Sound so alles drauf hat (Glocke, Reinigen des Feuerrostes, Fahrgeräusche etc). LGB HSB scale layout H0 HO N 1:87 1/87 1/160 1:160 gauge modell spur spoor maerklin marklin gleisplan digital diorama plan structure supply trestle trestles benchwork show track realistic design tracks hobby hornby exhibition collector collectors modelova zeleznice build building plan electric set plan toy train model railway railroad layout scenery lehmann garten bahn gartenbahn LGB HSB Harzer Schmalspurbahnen

LGB 4 EVER "electro train" 2
a new videoclip about a LGB railroad indoors

LGB Genesis + 65003, 55027, and Smoke Generator
This is an LGB Amtrak Genesis that I retrofitted with an LGB 65003 Sound Unit, an LGB 55027 Decoder, and an LGB Smoke Generator for Only Trains in Buffalo,MN.

LGB Mogul on Hollywood, Hitchcock & Hill -Track 1
Views of the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad train on Track1

LGB RhB Arosa Euro Electric w/ Phoenix Sound
This is an LGB RhB European Electric engine that I retrofitted with a Phoenix 2K2 soundboard. I also mounted reed switches for triggering the horn (sounds like a whistle), a rechargeable battery pack for auxiliary power, a volume switch, and a computer interface jack. This engine is owned by a gentleman in Florida.

LGB Forney
The LGB Forney is an all-around workhorse largescale garden railway locomotive. It can handle a variety of trains.

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