LGB C & S Forney w/ LGB 65001 Sound

This is an LGB Colorado and Southern Forney (27251) that I retrofitted with an LGB 65001 American Steam Sound Unit and an LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit for a gentleman in Florida. Additionally, I installed a reed switch assembly for magnetic triggering of the bell and whistle and an external volume control. This engine is used on a DC(analog) layout.

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LGB Wild West Forney + Digitrax + Phoenix (running)
This is an LGB Wild West Forney that I retrofitted with a Digitrax Decoder, a Phoenix P5 Soundboard, a Reed Switch Circuit, a Volume Control, and a Computer Interface Jack for a gentleman in Rancho Bernardo, California. I programmed it to run on an LGB 55005p DCC station. The running sound is displayed in this video (more)

Bachmann Spectrum S.R.&R.L. Forney No.11
Meine Neue Bachmann Spectrum Forney mit einem von mir eigens erstellten Sound.

LGB trains
Build an indoor layout with two trains: LGB C&S Mogul #10 and LGB 2-4-0 Pennsylvania.

Carrea & LGB im Garten
Carrera 132 gekreuzt LGB. Wer ist schneller?