LGB C & S Forney w/ LGB 65001 Sound

This is an LGB Colorado and Southern Forney (27251) that I retrofitted with an LGB 65001 American Steam Sound Unit and an LGB 65011 Power Storage Unit for a gentleman in Florida. Additionally, I installed a reed switch assembly for magnetic triggering of the bell and whistle and an external volume control. This engine is used on a DC(analog) layout.

More Videos...

LGB Mogul on 5% Layout
My Mogul running up & down 5% slopes at my friend Kalle's layout.

LGB Winter 12
Eine Gartenbahn in Graubünden kämpft bereits schon mit dem kommenden Winter!

T&RMRR, running LGB Mogul
The Mogul of LGB running gehind the video car. The car is specially build to carry my fathers Canon Powershot. You see our ne layout run in clockwise direction. The Mogul has an Uhlenbrock 77500 Decoder with an Intellisound. Just like all american locos, cuppler is revised to Kadee, and like all locos, cuppling can be opened by pushing the F11 key of the digital system, witch was an Intellibox so far, but from 2010 on, i will use an LZV100 by Lenz.

Wild West Forney + MRC Sound Decoder
This is a Wild West Forney that I retrofitted with an MRC Sound Decoder.