Dodge Neon R/T Fly By's

Sounds pretty good, was having fun pulling it through some turns. Sorry about the blurry camera work. My friend just got this D90, and it's all manual focusing.

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Dodge Neon RT Soundclip in parking garage
doing a small drive to the end and back to hear my Exhaust. add &fmt=18 to end of url for HQ verion

Dodge Neon RT Soundclip
Givin it a few revs to 3000, and at the end one to 6000 rpms. Like the Exhaust pops? lol. The piston slap around 1000-1500 rpms kills me though. I hate it. 03 Dodge Neon R/T. OEM Exhaust add &fmt=18 to url for HQ

1999 Dodge Neon R/T crane 18 with rhoads lifters
99 Dodge Neon R/T walk around + start up cold and warm, crane 18 with rhoads lifters 1999 Neon R/T Forged motor w/ARP, Mopar pcm, Iceman,60mm TB, Indy IM, P&P head, Crower valve springs, Crane 18, Rhoads lifters, 2.7 rockers, Cometic HG, Mopar header, full 2.5"no cat Exhaust w/dual fireball mufflers, 4.3 Fidanza AL FW & PP, ACT organic disk, OBX LSD,MPx UDP Wiseco, Eagle Rods, AEM gear, Wings West, Modern performance, Konig, BF Goodrich, Eibach pro kit, Hawk pads, Russels SS hoses, race, K&N, Mobile 1, PB3, intense blue, tint, APC, Silverstar, depo, leather, Momo, carbon fiber overlay, energizer, srt, srt4

Dodge Charger R/T 1970 hard acceleration
достаточно редкое