OSTPA 2012: Pro Stocks from Kenton

OSTPA 2012 Hardin County Fair Pull Kenton, OH September 9, 2012 Riverside Engine Pro Stock Name Vehicle Distance 1 JEREMY SMITH 310 EXPRESS 317.35 2 JEREMY SMITH OLD SCHOOL 314.48 3 MIKE SIPES RED INK 295.20 4 RYAN WALTERS CHASIN TAIL 293.65 5 RUSTY VALKO LIL RASCAL 280.65 6 JOHN CESPEDES FOOLS GOLD 260.13 JP Pulling Productions Facebook.com/JPPullingProductions

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2012 PPL Hot Rod Semi truck pull: Waynesburg, Pa.
9-8-12. Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Champions Tour Hot Rod Semi class from the Greene County Pulling Expo at the Greene County Fairgrounds in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania.

1991 OSTPA Wellington super stock tractor pull
7500 Super Stock with Harold Walliser commentating.

OSTPA 2009: Mt. Gilead highlight video
Marrow County Fair Mt. Gilead, Ohio Sept. 5, 2009 Featuring- SS - 3rd "My Other Dear" 2nd "Bambi" 1st "XXX" Mods- 3rd "The Judge" 2nd "Flying Machine" 1st "Sno Farmer Xtreme" SMFWD- 3rd "Bad Habit" 2nd "Fantasy" 1st "Stormer" PS Semi- 3rd "Brockasaurus" 2nd "Sticks & Stones" 1st 'Shameless"

OSTPA 2012: Owensville PS Semis
Clermont County Fair Pull Owensville, OH July 23, 2012 Carroll's Truck PartsPS Semi Name Vehicle Distance 1 SHANE CANTERBURY BIG MACK ATTACK 296.24 2 MATHEW METZGER BROCKASAURUS 295.74 3 LOGAN HENKE SHAMELESS 293.26 4 KENDRA RODGERS UNLEASHED 267.65 5 ROB RODGERS UNPREDICTABLE 234.45 DALE MITCHELL DOWN N OUT DQ BILL RHINEHART FREIGHT ROD DQ JPPullingProductions.webs.com Facebook.com/JPPullingProductions