Eagle Talon TSi AWD Tribute

I have owned this 1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD not even a year, this is just a short of some of the work and love I have put into it to bring her back to life :) enjoy!!

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DSM Tribute
Thanks to everyone out there who's driving this beauty. This tribute is for U and your cars! Crank up your volume and enjoy in full screen, please.

PandaMan's 95 tsi awd winter build!
This involves my mod list and some pictures over winter break. The video is my first day out Boosting her, only tuned at 14 psi (off wastegate) because I had to get a new ebc but she will be Boosting 23 psi in a few days with some control.

2g DSM Talon Tribute
2g DSM Talon tribute contains a collection of pictures and Dyno videos from the building of (2) 1995 Eagle Talon AWD TSi cars. For all those cars lovers, we hope you enjoy this video. A special thanks goes out to English Racing, Forced Performance, and turbo Automotive!

1995 Eagle Talon TSi AWD Dyno Pull
This is just a video of my car's first Dyno pull. No numbers, just base tuning right now. Figured I'd post videos of the progress! Note: I will be getting rid of the body kit, that's how I bought it, I just haven't gotten around to putting a stock one back on. I hate it too lol