parker racing , ford pinto mini stock

this is a small clip of logan parkers ford pinto mini stock. this was logans rookie year, And he was the season track champ. this was qualifing , with a 17 .866 time on a 3/8 mile ,high bank track at angola motor speedway..

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Case Study: Ford Pinto
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1980 Ford Pinto-3rd place
A third place finish. Only a few races under my belt, not bad. I'm needing a steering quickener.

For sale! Ford Pinto Mini Stock. $1800 Race Ready

1980 Pinto Heat Race
Jonathon finished 2nd in his heat race at 191 Speedway, in Campton, KY, against stiff competition! The 32 year old Pinto is doing all it can do, and Jonathon's driving skills are getting better all the time.