Custom Gangster Lincoln Continental

READ THIS! NOT MY VEHICLE! AND OBVIOUSLY ITS NOT REALLY A TRUE "GANGSTER" CAR! Lots of nice touches in and out. The owner did a nice job. Here is a video of this vehicle 3 years later!!! (ignore) TAGS: mafia tommy gun shotgun rifle brass knuckles chicago texas las vegas al capone don corleone wise guy good fellas godfather pistol murder hit whack lincoln gang gangster bulletproof speakeasies moonshine 1920's 1930'sm1940's 1950's 1960's Girls Hot babes colt 1911 molotov Godfather V8 fast V12 alcohol liquor dope cigerettes

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DIRRRTY '64 Continental Airs Out!
As if a SUICIDE DOOR Continental wasn't badass enough! This Badass Lincoln showed up at Street Car Takeover HOUSTON to show off at the car show at Royal Purple Raceway and it was a show stopper! Very simple step, and very sick! This would be a badass cruiser!

Pony's Murdered Out 1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille
Quick Video Of my 1966 Cadillac Coupe Deville!!! Built the car in 10 Weeks flat!!!

Fast N' Loud - Lincoln Airride
Die ganze Folge gibt es hier: gn=ytdni3 Der Lincoln Mark III basiert auf einem Thunderbird und war das ultimative Luxusauto von Ford. Der Grill ist einem Rolls Royce nachempfunden und der 365-PS-Motor sorgt für den nötigen Dampf unter der Haube. Das Team wird aus dem "Renter-Schlitten" einen echten Hingucker machen, inklusive riesen Reifen und Airride-Technik.

Hit and Run - Pure Imagination
Probably the best pairing of music and a classic car burnout in history. I highly suggest this film to anyone looking for a good time, great music, and awesome driving scenes. No copyright infringement intended!