Custom Gangster Lincoln Continental

READ THIS! NOT MY VEHICLE! AND OBVIOUSLY ITS NOT REALLY A TRUE "GANGSTER" CAR! Lots of nice touches in and out. The owner did a nice job. Here is a video of this vehicle 3 years later!!! (ignore) TAGS: mafia tommy gun shotgun rifle brass knuckles chicago texas las vegas al capone don corleone wise guy good fellas godfather pistol murder hit whack lincoln gang gangster bulletproof speakeasies moonshine 1920's 1930'sm1940's 1950's 1960's Girls Hot babes colt 1911 molotov Godfather V8 fast V12 alcohol liquor dope cigerettes

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Custom Gangster Lincoln Continental
Remember this vehicle? Here is a refresher for those who don't or have never seen it before: The owner payed $500 dollars for this 1968 Lincoln Continental that had been sitting in a barn for many years somewhere out in Indiana. Sure enough he cleaned it up, did some minor work to the engine, transmission, etc. Turned over and ran without a skip. Since that moment, he worked hard to turn it into a gangster themed Continental. So much to list to whats been done. Ill let the video take over that! Thank you very much for watching! This is my Facebook page, Mike Anthony Autosports. You can find... well, a lot! Anything automotive related. Many pictures of many different things. Keep up to date with me by subscribing and "Like" my Facebook page!

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