SFR ECU Reflash for Genesis Coupe 3.8 V6

Dyno comparison of before and after ECU reflash

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KDM | 1000hp Genesis and Velosters In Chicago
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SFR USA's 380GTT Twin Turbo 3.8 V6 Genesis Coupe
Teaser. More vids coming soon.

3.8 V6 Twin turbo Genesis Coupe finally in action!
Not the best quality of video but you get the idea. It will be going on the Dyno for ECU tune sometime next week.

VBlog46 Back from Vacation, TK's 3.8 GDI Turbo kit, WM install, Precision 6266 install/tune
Something we've been meaning to do to keep showing personal side/weekly updates going around the shop. It's very casual type of Vblog that will be putting out every week. We will try to make something informative and fun to watch. Any trolling or fighting with other users will not be allowed in this channel. If this video isn't something for you please do not waste your time and get off the channel.