400whp DSM on the Highway - 150mph

Full weight 2g w/ 2 passengers. Just having some fun. Car is slow and rice, so don't bother telling me. This was obviously filmed in Mexico...

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Tial BOV
-8lb spring on 2012 Optima SX

DSMs - Bored at 4am
Couple of DSMs messing around at 4am. These aren't burnouts, so don't hate.

400 WHP FP Green 1G DSM
Put down 396.74 hp and 396.87 ft-lbs at the wheels on the DynoJet. Car was tuned by Marco @ Magnus Motorsports. Stock 6-bolt bottom end with over 260,000kms, low compression in cylinder 1 and 2. Head has BC 272 cams, Crower springs/reiatners. Unknown composite HG, stock headbolts. FP Green (non-HTA) turbo at 22 PSI, Walbro 255HP pump and FIC 850cc injectors, Fuelab AFPR. Car is on ECMlink V3 lite/SD, 91 pump/meth.

Sir can you please turn down your motor?!
just driving along