Porsche 911

Classic Track Test: Porsche 911

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Porsche 911 Classic before renovation restoration by DOCTORCLASSIC.eu
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PORSCHE 911 2,4L S - SCART Racing
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Porsche Classic's - 550 Spyder, 911 RSR, 356 and more!
Check out these beautiful Porsche's at one of the meet's that I attended this year. It was amazing to see these great cars up close and personal. I recommend anyone who loves Porsche's to go out to events like this and experience them first hand. Video's and pictures just don't do them justice. At one point I was standing around the Orange 73' 911 RSR for about half an hour, soaking its beauty in. Thanks for watching --- This video feature's something I'm really passionate about so a special thanks goes out to my dad and his Porsche which sparked my whole Porscha passion from when I was born. I'd also like to that the Porsche trend setters of today Magnus Walker, Singer, Sharkwerks and RWB. You all have your own unique way of adding a different flare to the 911. If you haven't checked out these guys, you have to YouTube them right now! ---

Porsche Classic Challenge 2012: Montage! 1080p HD!
Like TypeRacer8 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TypeRacer8/283936998318075 Music: First Aid Kit - Winter is all over you (Baauer Remix) free download at Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/baauer Porsche Classic Challenge 2012, a challenge for - as it says - classic porsches. The challenge which started in Sneek, The Netherlands and goes to the Alps planned to do a checkpoint in Winterswijk, luckely I could be there, as it is my hometown. The ex prime minister of the Netherlands, Jan-Peter Balkenende was also participating this event with a Porsche 356, the CEO from PON Netherlands and Dutch famous formula 3 driver and winner of the 1971 24hrs of Le Mans: Gijs van Lennep! Most Porsches were awesome looking! From 914 up to the 991 model! Even a couple of Panameras! The Carrera RSes were also present! This is just a short montage of the event, because I only was able recorded this checkpoint. I hope you like it! Enjoy! Comment and let me know! Like and Subscribe to my channel! TypeRacer8's Automotive Channel, Your automotive source!