Pajero starting problem

2.5TD 1991 starts like this from cold. Any ideas?

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Fixed Rough Idle and Cold Start Mitsubishi
Found out it was fuel pressure loss that caused the long cranks after sitting and odd idling. Didnt cost anything to fix!

Mitsubishi Pajero/ Shogun 2.8 Poor cold starting fix - Heater plugs and relay 4M40T Engine
Now the cold weather is here, I have finally had to fix the poor starting Pajero. It was assumed that new heater plugs would fix the problem as the plugs had not been changed in 20k. It needed plugs but the real problem lied with the relay, I managed to find one in a local breakers for £5. It now starts perfectly! Please subscribe, rate and comment!

Stalling Issue with my Mitsubishi Pajero
***UPDATE*** I fixed the Pajero. For me it was the Injection Pump Front Seal and I had it replaced for about $200 labour, depending on how much your mechanic charges for labour. My Pajero has issues staying running upon the first startup, sometimes it does this multiple times though. It's a 1996 Mitsubish Pajero, 2.8 Litre 4 cyl Diesel engine, 4M40 engine type, automatic transmission. Right Hand Drive - From Japan. Sometimes it stalls out right away, sometimes it takes a minute like it did with this video. Sometimes it will only happen once, sometimes it happens multiple times. Usually it will not die out once the engine has been warmed up and been running for a bit, though I've had the engine die out like this while doing 100km/h on the highway. I know it's coming because the engine RPM slowly starts to go down and has pretty much ZERO throttle response. If you know what causes this type of stalling, please let me know! Sorry the video is sideways, I don't know why it ended up like that - it looked fine on my phone!! It doesn't really matter though, the point still gets across.

Old Top Gear 1991 - Mitsubishi Shogun
Jeremy Clarkson looks at the new Mitsubishi Shogun. Taken from season 14, Episode 10.