ABA AA Pros doing what they do best.

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ABA 2006 Grand Nationals AA Pro Finals
AA Pro finals, Randy the best..

BMX 1990 ABA Grands - AA Pro Mains - Crashes, Restarts, Drama...
ABA Grand Nationals 1990 at the Myriad Convention Center in Oklahoma City, OK - AA Pro Mains - Lots of craziness here, and not enough track space available for guys who are putting it all on the line here. Elbows are thrown, moves are made, there's a restart in the 3rd main, and at the end Pistol Pete "accidently" runs John Purse into the announcer's table at the finish line. Crazy. I have no idea what the final results were for this race. Wish I could find out...

Elite Men's Final - 2014 BMX World Championships
Elite Men's Final - 2014 BMX World Championships This is a clip from the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships that were held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on 27th July 2014. Inspired by their Motocross heroes, Californian kids in the 1970s started racing their bikes over the same courses when they weren’t in use. It quickly grew into a worldwide phenomenon, further enhanced by their use in the iconic scene in the film ‘ET’ when the friendly alien makes them fly to escape their pursuers. Down on planet Earth, there are 2 types of BMX racing: BMX Race The BMX race is performed on a BMX track, measuring between 300 and 400m, with alternating jumps, banked corners and flat sections. 8 riders battle for first place. Besides the traditional BMX races, there are also Supercross races for Junior and Elite riders. These competitions are held on a spectacular BMX track with an 8m high start ramp and several pro sections with technical jumps. The Junior and Elite World Championships and the Olympic Games are raced on a Supercross track. BMX Time Trial The BMX Time Trial is raced on a Supercross BMX track. During BMX Time Trial races, riders set off one at a time and cover the track as quickly as possible. For more information and news on professional cycling, visit http://www.uci.ch or follow us on Twitter @uci_cycling. For more cycling videos and to watch live events our YouTube Channel can be found at http://youtube.com/ucichannel

Robbie Miranda 2003 X-Games Highlights
X-Games Downhill BMX Robbie Miranda Highlights