JWR BSP S2000 @ SCCA Solo2 Nationals - Lincoln, NE

Here are my best runs from the 2009 SCCA Solo2 Nationals, in Lincoln, NE. The racing was a LOT of fun, and the surface was awesome! I was a little bit unprepared for this kind of course, but next year will be a bit different. At least the car survived this year... Last year, the motor let go after the second run on the first day, which was a HUGE disappointment.... but this got me a 9th place finish out of 26 cars, so i'm REALLY happy about that! I'm looking forward to 2010!

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Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Solo Autocross Racing
One of my runs at the autocross event at the Green Lot at Turner Field. I'm driving my 1998 BMW M3 roadster with my camera strapped to the passenger seat headrest. The cones define the course and dictate on which side you must pass the cones. At 72 years old I am not competitive but it is a blast to run the course.

1988 SCCA Trans Am at Niagrara Falls
Audi brings in a 'big gun', after giving Group 44 the contract. Willy T. drives for Les, and goes pretty good before the damn thing breaks. Diamond P hangs a camera on Kniefel's car. Pruett rocks the Rousch HP, and Hurley must have had motor problems. Gentileozzi and Hoerr still look for Oldsmobile contingency money. Darin gets in "The Zone", and goes up front before the tires go off. Sharp's Nissan has a bad day. And does anyone else love the radar signs that Escort Radar Warning Recivers used to put up when they used to sponsor races? I actually thought they were funny (ironic?), since they used radar guns to show the speed. I'm not the biggest fan of street courses, but can't deny that so many of them are part of racing history in the US. I probably recorded this one just because I wanted to see how the points were gonna go in the championship. So, here it is. American Sports Cavalcade coverage, sorry I didn't get the opening theme on it..but that's available elsewhere.

2016 Runoffs American Sedan
Steve mOttorsports #07 American Sedan Mustang Ruined the Left rear tire 5 laps in due to a bad change made on the car just before the race, finished 8th overall Thanks for Watching!!!

H Production 2015 SCCA Runoffs at Daytona International Speedway