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JWR BSP S2000 @ SCCA Solo2 Nationals - Lincoln, NE

Here are my best runs from the 2009 SCCA Solo2 Nationals, in Lincoln, NE. The racing was a LOT of fun, and the surface was awesome! I was a little bit unprepared for this kind of course, but next year will be a bit different. At least the car survived this year... Last year, the motor let go after the second run on the first day, which was a HUGE disappointment.... but this got me a 9th place finish out of 26 cars, so i'm REALLY happy about that! I'm looking forward to 2010!


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Larry Tribute Ride - Ruckus, Big Ruckus, Grom MSX125, Aprilia 2T, and some Zuma 125's
A ride paying tribute to a fallen friend and fellow rider! #2FunkySocks on Instagram! We had a small group of riders dressing in Tie-Dyed shirts and wearing of course, 2 Funky Socks :) We based out of Townsend, TN and rode all over the area, including US129 / The Dragon, the Cherohala Skyway, and the Moonshiner 28... it was a TON of fun! :) It was SO MUCH fun riding and hanging out with everyone, that i forgot to record most of it, so heres what i got... hahaha! Enjoy :)

Autocross: 2011 SCCA Lincoln National Tour Day 1 - Honda S2000 CR
My fastest clean run of the day, but not one I'm very happy about. I nearly went off course after I got late in the first slalom; I actually had a faster (but dirty) run earlier in the day when the surface was still wet. I was pretty surprised when I ended up in fourth.

Honda Ruckus "Project Cream Smoothy" Shifter Scooter: First Burnout!
Introducing the 'Project Cream Smoothy' Honda Ruckus built by ComposiMo Fabrication! www.ComposiMo.com for awesome parts, motor mount kits, and accessories for your Honda Ruckus scooter!

Project 'Cream Smoothy' - Shifter Honda Ruckus First Start!!!
Finally, the ComposiMo Fabrications "Project Cream Smoothy" breaths life!!! Special thanks to Jay @ Makoa Scooters for doing the custom wiring, and getting this bad boy running :) The first few cranks are with the kill switch off to get fuel into the carb... Jay then switches it on, and within a crank or two, she's running!! This bike sounds GREAT! www.ComposiMo.com

SCDA Lime Rock Park, August 10 2009, Novice Run #4 (Part 2)
Lime Rock Park, SCDA HPDE, 10 Aug 2009, last novice group run of the day. My car is a '93 base Corolla, stock engine, 1.6L, 3-speed automatic. No modifications except grippy street tires, a pirate flag decal, and a go-faster-stripe. My first track day, and an incredible blast. My instructor is Dave Gran, SCCA racer and Lime Rock track record holder. Check out his book at http://www.goaheadtakethewheel.com . Thanks Dave, you were awesome!!!

Speedway Motors 2009 SCCA Solo Midwest Divisional Championships Music Video
Music Video of auto-crossing action at the SCCA Midwest Divisional Solo Championship in Lincoln, Nebraska. Imports, Domestics and Exotics were all on hand as they tucked against cones and competed against the clock. Trophies were not the only rewards as the winners clenched their rightful spots in the SCCA National Championships which will also be held right here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

2009 Solo Nats Video from Grassroots Motorsports
The Grassroots Motorsports team takes a ride with Joe Gonzalez in his B Modified LeGrand sports racer at the 2009 Tire Rack SCCA Solo National Championships.

SCCA Sportscar Races 1956 - Stockton Airport
Stockton Airport in Northern California is the scene of the 1956 SCCA Sportscar Races featuring the handbuilt, flathead powered Glasspar G-2 of John Steers and family. Look for all the racers of the period: Porsche, Corvette, MG, Mercedes Gull Wing, Austin Healey, Jaguar and many more!


Jeff Kiesel SCCA autocross in car video 5/3/09 Lincoln Pro
Jeff Kiesel in my final round (run off for 3rd place) in super challenge in Lincoln 2009. Left side run broke out by over .8 and almost did not launch on right side because Neal did not launch lol... Won R1 by .799 and top PAX by .297.... This car has won 7 National Championships (2009,2008(EML also 2008),2007,2002,2001,1997) and 3 pro solo championships (2009,2008,2007). Goodyear R175 tires... KFR turbo Sprite

2009: XXXIII Rallye Villa de Llanes
- Rallye de Llanes 2009 - Un rallye bien organizado, que cambiaba formato, respecto a anteriores ediciones, dando un cambio al orden de los tramos, siendo los ultimos los primeros, ademas de un cambio de sentido al Carmen - Torre. Desafortunadamente, otra vez un tramo (La torneria) a tenido que ser suspendico por exceso de publico mal colocado, mientras otro sufrio de una neutralizacion (Nueva - Labra) En cuanto a lo deportivo, el rallye se lo lleva un impresionante Berti Hevia, que parece estar a otro nivel, en cuanto a coche y pilotaje, seguido del cuestionado Miguel Fuster al cual su porche lo llevo al segundo lugar del cajon, les acompañaba en el podium Ojeda rapidisimo, estrujando al maximo ese Subaru. Se calleron de la lucha Sergio Vallejo con una pequeña salida en el segundo tramo donde toco un poco el radiador y tubo que retirarse despues de marcar el mejor crono en el primer tramo. Tambien abandono Eloy Entrecanales por averia, que pese a no tener un "superporche" como el de Fuster o Vallejo, sabe llevarlo por el buen camino. Pons muy distanciado de la cabeza de carrera, ademas de tener una pequeña salida de carretera, siembra dudas en cuanto a su nivel mundialista, asi como de su legalidad, ya que en los ultimos rallyes habia dominado con autoridad y en estos 2 ultimos esta dejando mucho que desear. La clasificacion quedo asi: Aqui la clasificacion: 1º (Skoda Fabia S2000 "N4") Alberto Hevia 1:33:05.0 2º (Porche 997 GT3 "GT") Miguel Fuster +28.7 3º (Subaru Impreza WRX Sti "N+") E. Garcia Ojeda +37.3 4º (Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X "N+") Xevi Pons +3:22.9 5º (Subaru Impreza WRX Sti "N4") Alberto Monarri +5:00.0

Autocross: 2009 SCCA Solo National Championship West course - Lotus Elise
My fastest run on the 2009 Sports Car Club of America Solo National Championship's West course. Left a bunch of time on the course, primarily due to overcooking a few corner exits, which delayed my getting on the power. Sorry about the sound quality -- I realized about an hour before running that I'd forgotten my microphone, so I used a pair of earbuds instead.

2009 Solo Nationals @ Lincoln NE-1
Some video of John driving Mighty Mouse (Fiat 850 Spyder) at the 2009 Solo National Chamionship in Lincoln, NE and a look at the annual GP dinner. www.engine-machining.com 949-631-6376

JWR S2000 Getting Tuned @ Mase Engineering
Just another boring Dyno video :) Nothing to see here... the car did really well on the Dyno, and Mase did an AWESOME job tuning the car. We had some really good gains. Its really quite amazing how "out of tune" this car has actually been for the last year, especially considering how good it has 'seemingly' been running... haha! I'm really looking forward to Nationals now :) Thanks Mase!

ASM S2000 - Fastest NA Tsukuba 筑波 Lap
This is the actual in-car video of the fastest NA car ever to lap Tsukuba 筑波. Toda engine, dry carbon body, this is the most expensive S2000 ever built by ASM.

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2003 Honda S2000 AP1: 8.544 @ 159.600
Tasos Moraitis-Geartech Engineering, Engine: f20c, Turbos: borg warner s400 Tires: 29x12x15

2004 Honda S2000 GT37r Turbo: 9.994 @ 141.890
Carey Bales, Engine: 2.2l, Turbos: GT37r Turbo Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials

2000 Honda S2000 Garrett GT35R 62mm Billet Turbo: 10.540 @ 135.880
Neema Dadgostar, Engine: Built 2.2L, Turbos: Divided GT35R 1.06 Billet 62mm Tires: 255/50/16 MT ET Drag Radials

2002 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.695 @ 124.750
Arnold Tamasar, Engine: Stock block, Turbos: Turbonetics 72trim turbo Tires: Nitto555r drag radials

2002 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.703 @ 132.740
John Lee, Engine: STOCK block, Supercharger: none Turbos: InlinePRO turbo kit (GT35R) Tires: Nitto Drag radials 245/50/16

2001 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.750 @ 129.310
Elias Augerinos, Engine: Pulse Turbocharging, Turbos: Yes Tires: M/T 26x8 slick

2004 Honda S2000 Garret GT35r: 10.921 @ 135.620
Joseph Costanza, Engine: Stock block 2.2L, Supercharger: NA Turbos: Garret GT35r 1.06 Tires: Mickey Thompsons 255/50/16 Drag Radials

2003 Honda S2000 : 11.010 @ 129.600
Richard Albans, Supercharger: TTS ROTREX Tires: MT STREET ET

2001 Honda S2000 : 11.311 @ 127.321
Shaun Robinson, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: 63mm Tires: potenza s02

2001 Honda S2000 GT30r Turbo: 11.712 @ 121.230
Will B, Engine: Stock F22c (2.2L), Turbos: Garrett GT3076r with .63 a/r Tires: Kumho Ecsta SPT, 235 Front, 275 Rear

2004 Honda S2000 : 11.919 @ 124.320
Carey Bales, Engine: InlinePRO fully built F22C, Turbos: Garett GT35R

2003 Honda S2000 Turbo: 12.100 @ 117.000
Jason Ruiz, Engine: 2.0 VTEC, Turbos: GT-35-61 Tires: YOKOHAMA AVID VS4

2002 Honda S2000 comptech supercharger: 12.230 @ 113.000
Nate Castro, Engine: f20c, Supercharger: comptech

2000 Honda S2000 AP1 Turbo: 12.931 @ 111.500
Sergio L, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Anclamotorsports Tires: Sumitomo 225

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.648 @ 100.490
Jon, Tires: Potenza S-02

2003 Honda S2000 Stock: 13.720 @ 99.000
Red Bull,

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.740 @ 100.280
Auriel Castro,

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.746 @ 100.280

2004 Honda S2000 Stock: 13.750 @ 100.120
arztime, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: Soon Turbos: No Tires: stock

2005 Honda S2000 : 13.759 @ 100.860
Franois Thberge, Engine: Stock, Tires: Nitto NT-01


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