Audi Coupe Quattro 2.7t drag race

Mike's 1990 Coupe quattro with a 2.7t swap at the drag strip. Mods are revo software, 3" Exhaust and slipping clutch!

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Audi Quattro Coupe 2.7 Biturbo
Rs 4 Engine whith Rs6 turbo + NOS + water metanol.. 1..+ Bar Boost.

audi advanced key
audi advanced key

Audi 2.7T Vs Camaro Vs Nascar @ Englishtown Raceway
Audi 2.7T (Apr chip, Apr Exhaust), Camaro (racing slicks,Exhaust, upgraded suspension), NASCAR..nascar stuff I guess..

waterfest 15 10.7@135.66 drag race 591WHP audi coupe fasterthenrs2
waterfest 15 My first waterfest in my life god time on a track and after party I should do this more often Big thanks to Marc @efiexpress, Vesko and Vladi ABLE landscaping, Marco @ a1cvtec, enginuity, cape cod beer, 034, Bill Kelley @mobile electronics studio Dan for hd picks