Stuck Bug

Not going anywhere until the snow melts later on in the day

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VW Beetle Rally Compilation
Huomenta! Aaton aatto jo, eli luukku 23 vuorossa. VW Kuplat on enemmän tuttuja jokkiksesta, mutta kyllä niitä muutama pyörii ralleissakin. Ihan viihdyttävää, ja paikoitellen yritteliästä menoa Kuplaluokassa :) 23/24 VW Beetle rally compilation. Action & some crashes..

Beetle in the snow
Driving to work 02/02/2009

VW cranking slow
Beetle cold start.

stuck twyla jones
"So Lauren decides to go four wheeling in her farking VW 85' bus last night. Catches about 6 inches of air before we land and get stuck in the mud. Thank god for will and the elusive one bar of service that we had. Damn MEGAN your bitch ass flipped when she heard a noise and went running into the bushes like a trick ass infant. ha ha After the van landed we all basically laughed histerically out of fear and I just said 'OH GOD' like 17 times. real fucking cool. Now I smell like charred BUSH and have to take a shower." c-wok