Colorado xtreme 1/4 mile 11.05

Chevrolet Colorado Xtreme 1/4 mile Napieville drag . 5 nov 2011

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Chevy Colorado v8 supercharged
Chevy Colorado v8 5.3 supercharged TVS1900,,,tuned by G-Force Motorsports,,,,stock cam, stall, gears, tires,,, ran a 13.0,, the lightning ran a 12.6

Chevy Colorado V8 Corsa Sport exhaust
2012 Chevy Colorado v8 TVS1900 c6 Corsa Sport Exhaust

Colorado v8 supercharged goes 12.7
Chevy colorado v8 tvs1900 8psi stock stall converter, cam, gears, and tires goes 12.7 @107mph at the 1/4 mile

chevy colorado xtreme
crusin down joplin rd. this is a 3.7l I5, with a K@N fipk and thrush glass pack muffler. (my video camera sucks so at some times my truck sounds like a ricer.)