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America loves big motorcycles. But, in dense urban traffic, those bigger bikes make navigating difficult, cumbersome and downright frustrating for even the most experienced bikers, much less beginners. Grant Ray, Jamie Robinson and Wes Siler downsize with 3 small bikes under $4500, and take to the congested streets of LA to find out just how much better smaller can be. For more on motorcycles, visit

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2012 Cleveland CycleWerks - tha Misfit Review - 229cc of café-racer cool
From its kick-starter to fuel petcock and handlebar-mounted choke, Cleveland Cyclewerks' Tha Misifit does more than look the part of a vintage cafe racer, it adheres to the simplicity of the era. -review-video-91249.html With an MSRP of just thirty-two hundred bucks, Tha Misfit from Cleveland CycleWerks is the motorcycle option to similarly-priced 125cc scooters. Tha Misfit's 229cc engine capacity out-displaces those scoots by more than 100cc, and it strikes a much cooler profile. But is Cleveland CycleWerks a steadfast motorcycle company and is Tha Misfit worth its retail price? Subscribe! YouTube - Facebook - Twitter - Web - Established in 1994, is the premiere online resource for motorcycle and scooter enthusiasts. With hundreds of high quality, detailed video reviews on bikes from Harley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and just about everybody else, it's the best place to go to learn about the latest and greatest two-wheeled creations. There's simply no better resource if you're planning on buying or if you just want to check out some awesome machines.

The $3,000, brand-new motorcycle - /RideApart
At just $3,195, both the Cleveland CycleWerks Misfit cafe racer and Heist bobber massively undercut every other motorcycle out there. At just 250cc, they're also smaller than most bikes. Bargain or bogus? Grant and Wes take CCW CEO Scott Colosimo riding in the California desert to find out. For more on motorcycles and CCW, check out

The booming Triumphs of Garage Company - /RideApart
Vintage British bikes are the ultimate fantasy for many older bikers, especially the stylish and loud twin 650s by Triumph. And a visit to see the incredible collection at Yoshi Kosaka's Garage Company in LA is better than Disneyland. Jamie Robinson and Adey Bennett snag two of Garage Company's finest vintage Triumphs and head to the Malibu canyons to find out if vintage really is heaven. For more on motorcycles, visit

Top 5 Mistakes about riding motorcycles
Visit the new Website of Racer TV: (Legendado em Português) After seeing so many different videos on youtube with people riding motorcycles, i found several issues that should be known. That's why i decided to make this video, which may be very useful for many other riders. Here you will find the 5 most common mistakes i found till now. Most of them are more technical, and not so much about riding experience. In the end of the video, you will know also the cause of one of the most mysterious phenomenons about motorcycles. The Mystery of side tire wear. Enjoy. My special thanks to Pedro Torres, for his great help with my english. Some of the video footage in the video, is courtesy from the following youtube Channels, which are licensed as creative commons content: Chewie Meatball : GoParis : TheAdventureProne : Information about the lack of proper riding gear. 1- This is a video about riding mistakes, not about safety mistakes. 2- The only riding gear legally mandatory in my Country, is the helmet. 3- The usage of Gloves, Jacket, or proper boots , is only a personal choice, although very recommendable on long trips. 4- Most riding clips in this video were shooted in a very hot day, and in small trips of no more than 3 Km of distance. 5- I usually use leather gloves, even in hot days. I tried to shoot these videos with my black leather gloves, but the movements of the hands and fingers were almost unnoticeable for the camera, and that's why i didn't wear them. 6- In most south european countries(like Portugal), it's perfectly normal to ride with casual clothing in short distance trips. Conclusion. The usage of proper riding gear is recommendable, but is still a personal choice(except helmet), and each one of us has the right of using it, or not. Cheers. Visit the new Website of Racer TV: