Mr. Flemming Alm doing his stuff

GATEBIL Rudskogen 2010

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Alm Racing Promo
Follow me on FB: Just putting up old stuff for the archive A short promovideo of the brothers Kenneth and Flemming Alm, from some of the footage we have from 2010. The old '90s Audis has really taken a beating this year :)

Alm Racing 750hp/850nm Audi S2 in dynapack @ RRMotor
2,2 Litre @ 2.2bar Boost. 630whp & 750wnm.

750hp Audi S2 Alm Racing @2 3Bar in dyno
Hi folks! It's good to be back in business! The S2 runs smooth like before, and it's ready for more action. I'll try to upload videos from every event I'm attending this year. So stay tuned and subscribe for new videos :) - Flemming.

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