Mercedes CLK-GTR

This is the very first CLK-GTR made for the street (01/25), the holomagation model. Some easily noticeable differences would be the mirrors (they aren't on the fenders) and lack of rear badging (CLK-GTR on left and AMG on right). It is the only CLK-GTR that originally came with the 7.3L Engine, the other 4 (03, 13, 17) were converted with it (IE SuperSport models). I just wish the Sun was my friend in this video.

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Mercedes CLK GTR Super Sport driving with Ferrari F50 & McLaren F1 HDK
This wild Mercedes Benz CLK GTR AMG Super Sport was driving around during Monterey Car Week. Absolutely mental seeing this thing on the road! One of 25 in the world. It was first spotted with a Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren tuned by Renntech and an SLS AMG Black Series also tuned by Renntech. It was later spotted driving with a Ferrari F50 and a McLaren F1 HDK.

1 OF 1! Mercedes-Benz CLK LM StrassenVersion! : Start up and reving SOUNDS!
Facebook: ------------------------------------------ vv More info down vv --------------------------------- Music : Airwave - People just don't care : Last sunday 6 September, i went in France in Chantilly ( near Paris ), for the 2nd Edition of the Chantilly Arts Concours D'Elegance organised by Peter Auto ( same organisator of the Le Mans Classic ), and i was very suprised of the quality of cars which was present there, like for example this 1 OF 1, Mercedes-Benz CLK LM StrassenVersion, the road legal version of the LM 24 Hours of Le Mans! In this video, you can see the car in different angles views and the sound of it! it was very impressive because it is really a race car with a race engine...register for the road! The differents between the LM and the GTR is the engine, the CLK GTR had a V12 engine and the LM has a V8 and the LM was the successor of the GTR. Hope you enjoy to watch this amazing video. Make sure you subscribe on TheCaraf channel for more supercars and classic cars events and exclusive shoot videos in 1080HD quality. Thank you very much. Raphaël (TheCaraf).

Mercedes CLK GTR AMG in Leeuwarden netherlands
One of the most brutal cars the is. The owner is a dutchman who lives a few kilometers near me. The reason why the car is on Swiss plates is because he also owns an airfield in Switserland. Because he registers his cars there he saves a ton of taxes in the Netherlands.

Top Gear Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
Tiff reviews the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR Road car.