Supercharged Porsche 928 races at BHF Raceway

Holy cow this 928 is amazing! +475hp Watch the race as a Camaro runs off course

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Speed GT lap with a Porsche 928 485RWHP
Mark Anderson brought out his 928 race car in 2004 in the "GT3RS" livery, sporting a new carbon-fiber intake making 485 RWHP. Beautiful in dash footage. Watch him go! Great job Mark!

928 Armageddon 0-60mph 2.92 secs G-Tech Confirmed
928 S2 Nitrous 'Armageddon'. Made from clips taken at True Lovers Knot, Dorset and a charity Nitrous launch. Still in development. British tuning system. There was no prior intention to make a video when shots were taken. Details of the system were then made at the request of some american enthusiasts and uploaded to The car is very popular at events and has helped to raise money for different charities.

Porsche 928
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Porsche 928 race clip with SCCA with ferrari 360 challenge racer
928 racing in the last couple of laps with a ferrari challenge 360 modina driven by robert canepa mark kibort