Jet Dinghy, Build and test, NZ

750 jetski, 3meter jet boat, build and test runs

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SJX Jet Boats Unleashed "You gotta see this!" Vol. 1
A collection of videos and pictures from factory R&D testing in Idaho to fishing and hunting in Alaska. These are just informational videos of what we do in our SJX Jet Boats. (Video 1 of 4) (Not intended for marketing or sale of boats)

Wärtsilä WaterJet
Wärtsilä introduces new waterjet series for ferries, yachts and naval vessels. See more at

Jet Jon Cajun Style - Pt. 1
12' Jon Boat, 587 Sea Doo With Dual Carbuerators!.............To Be Continued!

Twin KMB 40mm Jet units EP 700hp/ton - Static test
P/W ratio? Over 700hp/ton! Weighing in at a little over 7kg and producing near 5hp on 4S this thing was a monster and capable of much more. Top speed reached in almost 2 seconds and turning on a dime at that. I used to drive it down at Onepoto domain which is a small sailing pond, perhaps the scariest and most thrilling place I could drive it. This is only a static test in a pool. The video doesn't show just how much water these jets move, it's incredible. Underwater the jet flow is very powerful and coherent while staying totally invisible until the stream breaks to the surface. Easily moving a couple hundred litres per minute. I apologise for the mediocre display, this was all difficult with one hand! Batteries were both at 15.7V at the start of this test. Full throttle was only applied once in the video since I cannot manage to hold it for long with only 1 hand available. Specs: 2x KMB 40mm Jet units 2x Turnigy 900kv 2350W motors 2x Gens Ace 4S 4000mAh 30C LiPos 2x Turnigy Aquastar 120A watercooled ESCs 2x Hi-tech HS-755MG servos 55" Deep V Fibreglass hull This was built in March 2012 but this is the first time it has been on video and I took it from the builder shortly after it was finished. One of a kind boat made from custom moulds similar to an apache. I never managed to record it on the water. To my knowledge the boat has taken serious damage when I saw it on trademe last. Keep an eye open and you'll see it go for some dirt cheap price next..