A Night Out in the Volvo 850

Volvo 850 T5 racing Basically Everything vs B18C CRX 2 B-Series Civics 3.5 Maxima & Swapped EG Civic Bolton MK6 GTI & Tuned Cobalt SS/TC 2 5.0 Mustangs Bolton MK6 GTI & Stock MK6 GTI B-Series EG Civic 2 Swapped Civics BMW E46 M3

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Twin Turbo Bentley vs Civic vs Porsche
The Bentley is Currently looking for a new tuner, any recommendations please comment below.

GT500 vs Nissan GTR
Bad Run for the GT500, best MPH of day from each posted at end of video.

McLaren 650S vs Viper TA
McLaren 650S vs SRT Viper TA.

Turbo Scion FRS vs Shelby GT500
turbo Scion FRS vs Shelby GT500 - The GT500 got to the finish line first although the FRS trapped a higher MPH. This shows the huge difference in useable ...