A Night Out in the Volvo 850

Volvo 850 T5 racing Basically Everything vs B18C CRX 2 B-Series Civics 3.5 Maxima & Swapped EG Civic Bolton MK6 GTI & Tuned Cobalt SS/TC 2 5.0 Mustangs Bolton MK6 GTI & Stock MK6 GTI B-Series EG Civic 2 Swapped Civics BMW E46 M3

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Late night cruise with my Volvo 850 T5
Just an easy everyday drive with the volvo.

What does it take to kill a Volvo
We all know how safe Volvo cars are, but a European junkyard has decided to put it to a test by crashing, jumping and rolling the life out of an 850 Wagon. While government tests use automated systems to crash new cars, the guys in this video did so with a driver behind the wheel. Apart from what looks like a safety harness and roll bar for the driver, it seems like this car is otherwise a bone stock.

Volvo 850 burnout. Insane volvo FWD burnout. Volvo S/V/C70 burnout

A Night Out in My 850
Pretty Much Getting Smoked by all Sorts of Cars in my Stock 850 T5.