New Subaru STI Racing @ Ferrita

A complete sports Exhaust made for the brand new STI Racing from Subaru. Lighter, better sound, less resistance = better performance!

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Ford Focus RS with Ferrita sport exhaust
Lower weight, better sound, less resistance! Exhaust system replaced from turbo and back, including specially adapted silencer and the latest model of tail pipes.

Ferrari 360 Spider F1 gets a Ferrita system
Swedish manufacturer Ferrita builds a stainless sports Exhaust system on a Spider. Read more on

Subaru STI Racing fräser runt lite i snön
Ska man ha EN sportbil så kan man väl lika ha en som duger året om, eller?

Nissan GT-R complete exhaust system by Ferrita Sweden
A stainless steel Exhaust system built for a Nissan GT-R, with just two WRC spec HJS race catalysts instead of the four original cats. Weighs less than stock system, about 10 kg saved.