New Subaru STI Racing @ Ferrita

A complete sports Exhaust made for the brand new STI Racing from Subaru. Lighter, better sound, less resistance = better performance!

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Power Big Meet 2015: Pilsnerbilar på Statoil Hammarbyrampen
Det var svårt att hitta rak plåt på Hammarbyrampen lördag natt under Power Big Meet.

Ferrita Carrera GT exhaust system
Here´s a movie where Ferrita creates a new sports Exhaust for a stock Carrera GT. +30 hp and 14 kg less weight is the result! They deliver world wide, check out

Ferrita sports exhaust on a Ferrari 456
A grand turismo supercar from the 90's with a V12 front engine and 2+2 coupe. Some revving after the system was done. The Ferrita system weighs less than original, is stainless with a life time guarantee and has less resistance than stock system.

Dodge Viper RT/10 donut @ Ferrita today
Just some warming up today. It´s getting colder and colder, can you blame the owner? He just got his Exhaust pipes fixed at Ferrita.