Monster Garage - Mazda RX-7 to a Doom Buggy -Destruction!

what happens when the build is successful, but the challenge isn't? Jesse gets pissed and shoots the hell out of it with a Dillon Minigun!

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Monster Garage Firetruck Brewery Episode with Jesse James
Jesse James and the Monster Garage Builders are at it again, this time converting an old school Firetruck to a Monster Microbrewery! Aired 2004 With Jesse James, Lee Chase, John Legnard, Ron Kroll, Otto Petersen Sr.

Monster Garage Hot Dog Cart Dragster G Stone Motors
Worlds fastest hot dog cart built by Jesse James in monster garage episode 20. Now owned and for sale by G Stone Motors 802-388-6718 WWW.GSTONEMOTORS.COM

Jesse James - Bentley Burnout
"That was broke when I got it!"

E44 Dodge Magnum Rail Rider
Jesse James and his gang of maverick mechanics... that's right, Monster Garage Dodge Magnum Rail Rider episode right here.