Monster Garage - Mazda RX-7 to a Doom Buggy -Destruction!

what happens when the build is successful, but the challenge isn't? Jesse gets pissed and shoots the hell out of it with a Dillon Minigun!

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Monster Garage Hearse 1st Failure
Here's a clip from the first failure on Monster Garage. The Hearse A.KA "The Grim Ripper" was the first failure on the show and here's how they took care of it. A note to add for people who may not know about this scene. When the hearse blew up, they threw a bunch of Propane Tanks in the hearse to get that massive explosion. If you don't believe me, I'll post the clip if you want. Also the song that you hear in the background just before the explosion, the "Boom, Boom" The song is called "Heartthrob" sung by "Three Against Four" I also plan on making a Monster Garage music video. Hope to get on that soon! Anyway Enjoy!

Monster Garage S05E06 - '51 Big Daddy Caddy Feat. The De Rosas
Jesse James teams up with a squad of hot rodders to build a beautiful 1951 Cadillac - featuring body shop legends Frank De Rosa, Sr. and Frank De Rosa, Jr. of Frank De Rosa Custom Cars! The De Rosas have been in business since 1949, and still operate their shop not far from my hometown in Pittsburg, California. I'm currently helping them develop their website, which can be found at and on Twitter @FrankDeRosaCars Be sure to check them out! Also, check out this collage of behind-the-scenes pictures from the "Monster Garage" shoot, made by Frank De Rosa, Sr. himself! Monster Garage S05E06 - " '51 Big Daddy Caddy " Recorded: August 22, 2005 Aired: May 16, 2006

Monster Garage - 54 Chevy Custom E.39
The legends Bill Hines, Gene Winfield, Norm Grabowski, Dick Dean, Fat Jack, John Robinson Jr., Michael Hines, and Jesse James make the best car ever in five days.

Peterbilt Trike
As seen on Monster Garage. Logic and common sense wins again! The DMCA will not take our FREEDOM! Fight the corporations and let them know you will not be trampled on for LEGAL use of video!