Kawasaki 636 Wheelies

Shows how far I've come in my practice of the Wheelie. Girls won't like you if you can't get it up. Trust me.

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Olson 636 street/lot
me and tony riding

zx6r wheelies
just messing around before wrk, trying to get better camera angles....too much air in the back tire for good wheelies :(

Time to learn wheelies on a ninja 636
I'm working on learning wheelies. I'm not good at them, but I can help you learn a little faster through my mistakes possibly. I have no prior wheelie experience on anything motorized aside from my 50cc that I started riding this year for fun. The bike I am on is a modified 05 ninja 636. Round bar, stunt cage, sub cage with fat pegs and 60 tooth sprocket provided by Sick Innovations. Triple clamp, risers, and magura FX bars provided by HoHey Designs, and the easy pull lever provided by R.S.C.

How to Wheelie a Motorcycle: Part 1 - Clutch up
Check out my Merch Store below! http://saltxthexwound.bigcartel.com/ http://saltxthexwound.bigcartel.com/ http://saltxthexwound.bigcartel.com/ Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0XjKkbujlTU I've had a lot of people ask me for help on how to wheelie so I finally decided to make a tutorial. This is only part 1 on how to clutch the bike up, I will make a part 2 on how to ride them out further hitting balance point and later on a part 3 on stand ups. Follow me on Instagram for more @saltxthexwound