BMW E92 335i vs BMW E46 M3

Both cars are tuned, MT. 335i had some problems and didn't run properly (bad O2 sensor). One passenger in each vehicle. Action takes place on a closed road.

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BMW E46 M3 SMGII vs BMW E92 335i Rolling
BMW E46 M3 SMGII (Black) Driver: Unknown CarSpec's: (343Hp) SuperSprint CAT Back Exhaust. SuperChips ECU Uprage. BMW E92 335i (Black) Driver: Unknown Car Spec's:(306 Hp) Stock. "2 Person + 200 Kg" MMPower Racer Team ©2010 MMPower Videos

BMW E92 335i vs BMW E46 M3 review
BMW E92 335i vs BMW E46 M3

335i vs M3
335i JB3 vs e46 M3. I do not know why this M3 was so fast, usually i was beatin e46´s (or even e90´s) M in straight line much more easily:) M.

BMW E46 M3 vs. BMW E92 335i Stage1 - Acceleration Test
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