Honda Civic Type R B16B swap EK9-1003244

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Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Merci Jo et Kevin
Swap B16B Honda Physique civic type R Quebec montreal

best Honda engines !
the best engine bays !! clean and tight engines k20 swaped and b series on old school civics and itrs ! b16a b16a1 b16a2 b16b b18c b18c6 b18c1 b18b b20

My '00 Honda Civic White EK9
My 2000 White Civic HB CX. Yes this baby had big plans, but my plans changed, so she'll be missed!! Authentic OEM JDM fenders w/markers, Rear Lip, window visors, OEM SI Lip, 17 inch Rays Volk Te-37! Omni Full Street coilover set, Apexi WS catback, and a lot more...

Civic Type R (EK9)
The legendary Civic Type R (EK9). Some information on the model, as well as a "time attack" lap. Copyright note: Footage for this video were taken from the DVD "Best Motoring - Type R Legends", property of Zig Zag Asia (America) Inc.