CLS 55 Moded VS lamborghini murcielago

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THE ULTIMATE COLD AIR INTAKE SYSTEM FOR MERCEDES AMG M113K engine, CL55 E55, SL55, S55, CLS55 2513/5864180573679121938?banner=pwa This system is designed for the absolute smoothest possible airflow travel by removing the stock restrictions of the small diameter pipe and replacing it with larger 3.5" diameter tubes that do not have any contusions bumps or ripples and are completely perfectly smooth and mandrel bent. This requires cutting and piecing together a system. The first one I had I designed to have the filters in line at the very front where the intake grill opening ads and you can take a look at my other videos showing that build.. My new system shown in this video, does away with the open element filters and replaces them with completely sealed airboxes. These are much larger 4 inch air boxes and each one is rated to 450 hp. So the total flow capacity is going to be 900 hp, and I estimate this engine to be approximately 600 hp at the crankshaft. So it will have plenty of CFM for my needs. The total cost of the system was approximately $500.

Best Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG V8 Kompressor - 1080p HD
Enjoyed the vid? Support us! Click the link below to shop our Amazon site! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Supercar Blog Video of a white Car Nutz Custom Mercedes Benz CLS 55 AMG CMC Signature Edition prepared for TWCompetition. This is one insane CLS. Take note of the black wheels with silver lips and the yellow brake calipers. Also, the carbon fiber vents, roof, and mirrors are great details!

BMW M5 vs Mercedes CLS 55 AMG Super Liniuta
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