Angry wife crashes husband's SUV into their jeep

Thats what you get for cheating!

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Cheaters Vengeance
Revenge is a dish best served on a cold plate. "So they say". Los Angeles, Orange County Infidelity Private Investigators 1-(877)A-SLY-FOX As on contract, "WE ARE NOT lIABLE" for any physical actions/altercations what so ever, destruction of or re-possesion of any vehicles/property with our provided evidence and answers. "We only provide answers and never solutions with our contracted investigations". State License: PI 25216 "Fully Insured"

Mad cheated wife destroys husband's convertible
A 1996 US commercial for Blake's. Marital bliss. is better for your car ! More commercials :

Yes, it's a woman!
A woman and her steering wheel, trying to reach high goals. For details:

Humvee vs Jeep
HMMWV in deep mud