Angry wife crashes husband's SUV into their jeep

Thats what you get for cheating!

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Cheaters Vengeance
Revenge is a dish best served on a cold plate. "So they say". Los Angeles, Orange County Infidelity Private Investigators 1-(877)A-SLY-FOX As on contract, "WE ARE NOT lIABLE" for any physical actions/altercations what so ever, destruction of or re-possesion of any vehicles/property with our provided evidence and answers. "We only provide answers and never solutions with our contracted investigations". State License: PI 25216 "Fully Insured"

Very angry man Destroying his car completely
a Funny Angry man destroying his car completely, very funny smashing, crashing, wrestling, and even jumping on his vehicle lol

Woman trying to reverse out of parking space.
Something that should take seconds ,takes this lady over two minutes....woman,you are letting your side down.

Yes, it's a woman!
A woman and her steering wheel, trying to reach high goals. For details: