Lenger Racing Rangers Silver Lake Cruise Around 2011

Josh in the red burgundy and white 97 ranger Hobbs, Ryan Lenger, in the burgundy 92 ranger Jay in the green 96 ranger

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Pure Rush from Silver Lake Michigan
Hundreds of Vehicles at Silver Lake having fun on the Sand Dunes

Silver Lake Crashes
Crashes at Silver Lake Memorial weekend.This is a shortened version of the "Pilots of Silver Lake." This video utilizes SLO MO extensively. Beware if you are offended by SLO MOTION videos. The Pilots of Silver Lake is at real time and would be a better choice.

2012 Memorial Day Weekend Silver Lake Pro-Lite Mike Higgins
Pro-Lite Truck driven by Mike Higgins, last years driver of the Ford Blue Raptor. Lenger Racing installed King Off-Road Racing Shocks and prepared the truck for the Memorial Day Weekend at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Lenger Racing find them on facebook or call 616.532.5200

pre runner
my yota pulling out a full size