Lenger Racing Rangers Silver Lake Cruise Around 2011

Josh in the red burgundy and white 97 ranger Hobbs, Ryan Lenger, in the burgundy 92 ranger Jay in the green 96 ranger

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Lenger Racing 5.3L vortec swap 65 GMC
an 04 Avalanche 5.3l we swapped into this old truck.. Baker Engineering in Sping Lake MI remapped the computer. Check out LengerRacing.com or facebook.com/LengerRacing

aposta customs chevy 1500 prerunner
chevy 1500 prerunner, trucks, florida off road, aposta customs

Test hill Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Different trucks climbing test hill at Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears Michigan. Filmed during the 4th of July holiday 2012.

Can-Am Crashes at Silver Lake
Minor injuries. Can-Am Drives away!