06 Dodge Cummins 8 inch Stack Tip

5.9L cummins straight pipe to 8 inch stack tip

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Check out how good my truck sounds with this straight pipe and axle dump! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT!!

FordAssassin spooling
Choking the turbos by punching the pedal fully. If I ease into throttle, it will light them asap. But mashing pedal makes turbos not spool

Today i made this Cummins compilation. Found some really good sounding cummins and put them together in this video! Let me know in a comment what you want to see in a next video! Sit back and enjoy! Be sure u watch it in HD. Hope you enjoyed! Please SUBSCRIBE and leave a message!!!

First Gen 12 Valve CUMMINS BUILD! *CLEANEST 1992 EVER!*
Its FINALLY HERE! The truck channel! I'm so excited to get this started and to be able to share it with you! So today my father and I came across a craigslist ad for a MINT CONDITION 1992 dodge cummins 12 Valve... We loved that year of truck and most of all the MOTOR! The 12 valve cummins is the HOLLY GRAIL of diesel motors. We couldn't pass it up and so its now ours! This is just the first of MANY MANY MANY truck videos coming! I'm also buying a 2nd gen 12 valve very soon! So please stay in touch and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks for watching and take care! ------------------------------------------------------------- First Gen 12 Valve CUMMINS BUILD! *CLEANEST 1992 EVER!* keywords: cummins diesel 12 valve cummins diesel 1992 12 valve cummins dodge cummins 24 valve cummins lifted cummins old school 12 valve cummins diesel first get cummins diesel 1st gen cummins diesel build cummins diesel cummins turbo diesel 5.9 12 valve cummins diesel truck diesel truck channel lifted dodge cummins 1992 dodge cummins 12 valve diesel