Ford Maverick ,M.A.V.s race

Racing the Maverick at Silver Dollar

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John Holden's Maverick at Etown fall rental 2016
Tuning rear suspension

1969.5 Sleeper Ford Maverick dusts Corvette Z06
11.49 @ 124.9 for Maverick 12.51 @ 122.3 for Z06

1972 Ford Maverick vs. 2015 Challenger Hellcat at 2015 Duluth Drag Races
The Maverick has a 351W with a T5 transmission. Race 2/5 2015 Duluth Drag Races & Car Show

'74 Dodge Charger VS '75 Ford Maverick 1/4mile drag race
Georg Noor "Olds" 1974 Dodge Charger 340cid stroker with worn out slicks VS 1975 Ford Maverick 302cid quarter mile drag race @ Raadi airfield, Estonia. JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: