Ford Maverick ,M.A.V.s race

Racing the Maverick at Silver Dollar

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M.A.V.`s Maverick Vid 2010.wmv
On the street scene the car was darting around alot while spinning, due to the right rear tire was low on air (found this out when I got home.) It normally doesn`t do that! This was the first trip to the track with the new converter and the cars trap apeed slowed down from 112 to 107mph. also No gain in 60ft.s or E.T. .....converter is going back for Adjustments!

John Holden's Maverick at Etown fall rental 2016
Tuning rear suspension

Ford Maverick 347er Stroker NOS 800 PS
@ Drag Day 2016 Meinerzhagen

'74 Dodge Charger VS '75 Ford Maverick 1/4mile drag race
Georg Noor "Olds" 1974 Dodge Charger 340cid stroker with worn out slicks VS 1975 Ford Maverick 302cid quarter mile drag race @ Raadi airfield, Estonia. JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: