Supra 1.5JZ HX52 1Bar

Just a few pulls at 1bar. First clip is with the old gauges, the rest is with the new setup! P.S. Sorry for the shaky vid, its hard to drive and be a camera man.

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Mark2 1.5jz GTX3582R VEMS ECU
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700+ hp 1jz mk3 supra pulls

Supra 1.5JZ with Holset HX52 first start up
Start up of my Supra with the big Holset HX52. Runs and idles good on the base map. Please excuse the dirty engine bay. I know you will ask whats done to it so here is the basics: 1JZ head 2JZ block 2JZ cams 2JZ ECU JDM 6-speed (car converted to sequential injection) MAP ECU1 650cc siemens injectors Aeromotive 340lph fuel pump Holset HX52 TIAL 44MM wastegate with open dump Drewgo manifold

Supra 1.5JZ with Holset HX52 Dyno
A few Dyno clips of my supra. Baseline was 409RWHP @ 11psi on the wastegate (clip 1) It made 566RWHP @ 20psi during a Boost spike (clip 2) however it was running out of fuel and running VERY lean on the top end so we backed the Boost down and it now makes 475RWHP on a very conservative tune at 14.5psi. Fuel system upgrades coming soon and shooting for 600RWHP on 93 octane!! Full mods list in my other vids.