[HD] Amazing Audi Urquattro Rallye - Drifts and Spin

Ch.Klausener + Audi Urquattro = Pure Drift-Action

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Audi Sport Quattro S1 Group B rally car hot lap
Audi Sport Quattro S1 Group B rally car hot lap. Head over to http://performancedrive.com.au/video-audi-sport-quattro-group-b-rally-car-e xperience-2822/ for the full feature. Audi Sport Quattro S1 Group B rally car 2.1-litre turbo five-cylinder All-wheel drive over 350kW

Rallye Team Klausner Jahresrückblick 2015 Audi ur quattro best drift Christof Klausner / Söllner
Onlineshop auf unserer Homepage: www.klausner-motorsport.at Zusammenfassung des Jahres 2015 Klausner/Söllner im Audi quattro: -Jännerrallye -Lavanttal Rallye -Quattrolegende -Klausner Rallyenight -Rallyelegend werde Mitglied im Klausner Motorsport Verein Infos auf unserer Homepage: www.klausner-motorsport.at Music: Big Rock City - Black Betty

1005Hp Audi Quattro SWB // Retro Rides´ HillClimb Monster
Jeffry Sol and his outrageous Audi Quattro SWB (short-wheelbase) in a sonorous demonstration at Prescott Hillclimb in 2014 edition of Retro Rides Gathering. Pretty much the loudest Straight 5 engine in the world and an #HillclimbMonster in its own right

Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 "Maximum Attack" - 1985 1000 Lakes Rally
Stig Blomqvist and Hannu Mikkola flying through the finish country side in there Audi Sport Quattro E2's. Stig would go on to finish the rally in 2nd place while Hannu retired his sport quattro after a troubled rally. Group B rally.