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Goodwood Revival 2010 - Whitsun Trophy - Spectacular driving sports/racing prototypes.

Video by http://www.ClassicarGarage.nl - Goodwood Revival meeting 2010. Whitsun Trophy - Saturday September 18th. Sports and racing prototypes 1963 until 1966. Very spectacular cars with fantastic engine sound! Race results: 1. (Number 98) Andrew Smith, Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder 2. (Number 36) Roger Wills, McLaren-Chevrolet M1B 3. Martin Stretton, Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder


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FERRARI 250 GTO [most expensive car in the world; 14 Mio Euro]
FIA's Group 3 Grand Touring Car In May 2012 the 1962 250 GTO made for Stirling Moss became the world's most expensive car, selling in a private transaction for $35 million to communications magnate Craig McCaw.

Goodwood Revival 2012 - Silver Arrows demonstration laps | Full HD stereo
Video by http://www.ClassicarGarage.nl - Goodwood Revival 2012. For the first time since the late 1930'ies the famous German 'Silver Arrows' returned on British soil. The impressive and then super high tech Mercedes-Benz and Auto Union racers can here be seen in some demonstration laps with their former competitors like ERA, Bugatti and Maserati. As the Goodwood speaker says at the beginning of the video: A once in a lifetime opportunity! The V12 and V16 'Silver Arrows' came from the Audi and Mercedes Museums, very unique and still giving me goose spots hearing and seeing those great cars lapping round Goodwood.

2010 Silverstone Classic, U2TC, Lotus Cortina, Race Start without overlay
Historic ace Martin Stretton driving 1963 Appendix K Lotus Cortina in the U2TC race at 2010 Silverstone Classic on the Historic GP circuit. This video captures the race start and first couple of laps. Unfortunately the car succumbed to gear box selection problems and retired from the race. Filmed using Goldstar Onboard in car camera system, more information can be found at www.goldstaronboard.com

Goodwood Revival 2011 Whitsun Trophy First Few Laps
First few laps of the Whitsun Trophy for sports-racing prototypes of a type that raced between 1963 and 1966

Spa 6 Hours 2009 - The Quick, The Fast and The Legend - Trailer. 23eHeure Films
Trailer for our film about the 2009 edition of the Spa 6 Hours historic race weekend. Featuring interviews and race footage from Sir Stirling Moss, Roger Wills and Julian Barter. Music copyright The Holloway Brothers

ASCARI KZ1R - Ultra Rare Supercar BRUTAL V8 SOUND
ASCARI KZ1R Driven by Jon Oakley from Oakley Design Poznań, Poland 2008 http://hlor.blogspot.com/ Probably the only 'not racing' KZ1R? Anyone knows how many have been produced? Music by: Dangerous Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Ferrari 250 GTO/64 Donuts Goodwood Revival 2010
On winning the RAC TT race at the 2010 Goodwood Revival, Jean-Marc Gounon decided to celebrate with a few donuts in Anthony Bamford's Ferrari 250 GTO/64.

Goodwood Revival 2011 RAC TT Celebration
Footage of the RAC TT Celebration race at the Goodwood Revival meeting for 2011 for classic GT cars. The is run for 1 hour with an obligatory driver change required within a pre-determined window of time. Unfortunately the weather intervened to stop the race short of it's allocated time.

Historic F2 at Hockenheim
Martin Stretton in his 1971 March 712 1600cc having at great dice with Bob Juggins in his Lola. Filmed using Goldstar Onboard Racecam system, more information can be found at www.goldstaronboard.com

1966 McLaren M1B (Can-Am) @ Val de Vienne
L'essai sur circuit d'une Mac-Laren est un moment rare. Celle-là est une Mac-Laren M1B, fabriquée en 1966 dans les ateliers Elva, qui avaient obtenu l'autorisation de Bruce Mac-Laren de construire quelques voitures clients (une trentaine). Il faut savoir qu'à cette époque les ateliers Mac-Laren n'avaient pas la capacité de fabriquer autant de voitures... Le moteur est un Chevrolet V8 à carter sec, d'environ 5 litres de cylindrée et monté en position centrale arrière. Le châssis est d'architecture tubulaire. La B.V. est une Hewland à 5 rapports. Sur le circuit, la voiture se révèle très sportive, avec un couple phénoménal, une bonne tenue de route et une accélération impressionnante pour une voiture de 1966. Seul le freinage, un peu limité, replace cette voiture de course bien dans son époque. Le dessin de la carrosserie, très sexy, ressemble à s'y méprendre à celui d'une barquette de la fin des années cinquante. Cette McLaren M1B , après de bons réglages sera, sans aucun doute, redoutable sur les plateaux historiques. Quelques tours sur le circuit du Vigeant vont vous permettre de la découvrir ...

1992 Jaguar XJ-12 Vanden Plas limited edition
SOLD at http://www.ClassicarGarage.nl Jaguar XJ-12 Vanden Plas limited edition, year 1992. Colour 'Black Cherry' metallic with an ambla (beige) leather interior. The last 100 XJ-12 models delivered to Canada were sold in a special limited edition. This car is number 97 of 100. Excellent to superb original condition! More fine Jaguars and Daimlers for sale at http://www.ClassicarGarage.nl

Six H Spa Classic 2012 Ferrari 250 GT SWB
Start of the 6h Spa Endurance Classic Race 2012 Ferrari 250 GT SWB ... Driver: Clive Joy, Kilian Konig and Patrick Simon at Spa Francochamps Team Graber Sportgarage

Lamborghini Miura P400S ride in fall season
A ride in a Lamborghini Miura P400S taking a stroll through the Appalachian Mountains in the peak of fall season.

Ferrari 250 GTO DRIVING
DtRockstar1 records an extremely rare and valuable Ferrari 250 GTO, with a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa keeping it company for a short time. This was seen at the Simeone museum in Philadelphia. 3 other Ferraris drove that day, including the 250 Testa Rossa, 375 MM, and 365 P Speciale (1 of 2 made.) Just 39 GTOs were built, and one recently sold for a record $52 million, more than you'll pay for an F-14 Tomcat. The 250 GTO has a 3 liter V-12 engine producing about 302 horsepower and a top speed of 174 miles per hour. Facebook - http://tinyurl.com/6385qw2 Blog - http://dtrockstar1.blogspot.co​m/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DtRockstar1

Legendary Group C Cars Spa Classic great Sounds Porsche 956 Sauber C11 Lancia LC2 Gr.C Porsche 962
Starterlist 2013: http://www.spa-classic.com/images/stories/SPA_Francorchamps_Classic/pdf/201 3/Liste_engages_Grp_C_-_1.pdf Special thanks to http://www.youtube.com/motorsportvideo for the great inboard footage. http://www.spa-classic.com/ See and hear Legends as Porsche 962, Porsche 956, Sauber C11, NISSAN R90C, SPICE SE88C and the Martini Lancia LC2 at the great http://spa-classic.com/ 2011. You wonder about cars, drivers and times? Check the PDF Book of the Group C at Spa 2011: http://www.ris-timing.eu/~circuit/spaclassic/2011/2011_Spa_Francorchamps_Cl assic_Group_C.pdf

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