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3000hp 55 chevy
a 1555 chevy bel air ( i think) with a rolls royce merlin engine in it pushing over 3000 horses

Brutal Street Outlaw Drag Race Crash at Orlando '06
This twin turbocharged Pontiac GTO from Canada found out just how hard it is to keep it straight on 10.5" tires! This happened at the first round of qualifying of the Orlando World Street Nationals in 2006. In 2007 Orlando Speed World installed thick concrete guard walls to contain the ever more powerful street machines. The Orlando World Street Nationals was the largest event of it's kind for Fastest Street Cars for 21 years. Powerhouse Video Workshop has coverd all 18 years in a series of full length DVDs available on our website at Direct Link to DVDs: Powerhouse would like to extend special thanks to the our excellent top end cameraman of Rocky Schulz, of Oceanside, California. who captured a most impressive video clip Direct Link to DVDs:

Orlando street strip drag race crash florida
All that power, no traction!!! Clear for take-off!!!

Best Of Wild Rides 2010 DVD 2 Hour Preview video
Best Of Wild Rides 2010 DVD 2 Hour Preview video Highlights from the DVD available at