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Mercury KH7


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1952 Mercury Cruiser
This 1952 Mercury outboard motor has been completely restored. This is mercury`s first full gear shift engine and was produced for only one year.

1950 Mercury KG-7
She fires right up after years and years of sitting!

1973 Johnson 9.5 hp outboard running in test barrell
1973 Johnson 9.5 outboard hp running in test barrell

1952 Mercury KH-7 KH7 Cruiser
Just got back from Mississauga after picking up my new motor, shot a vid. KH7 History- Mercury racing outboards back in the 50's known as the KG7H/Q Hurricane were the motor to beat. They were 10hp motors knows as the "green top" motors, if you don't know much about Mercury's they put out more like 16+ horsepower, they were the sleeper motor of the day. The last production motor to have the Hurricane 20 CI powerhead with the integral gas tank was the KH7 Cruiser. Only built in 1952 it was knows as the "transition motor". Features on the KH7 such as forward , neutral and reverse as well as a twist grip throttle were not found on the KG7. It was Mercury's plan to put these features on the 1951 version of the KG7 but were late in production so they included it on the 1952 model and renamed it the KH-7. The 1953 Model was the Mercury Mark 15 which used a remote fuel tank and included all the other features as the KH-7. IMO this motor is relatively rare, research shows only 10,000 were produced. This particular model was purchased from a collector in Ontario. He bought it from a collector in the US. It has the factory lower unit without the drill modification, does not have a telltale hole drilled in the block like so many others and has the matching powerhead with lead plug in tact.

1957 Mercury Mark 10
I run my 1957 Mercury Mark 10 on my 1968 Montgomery Ward Sea King. Motor details: Twin cylinder (alternate firing order), forward-neutral-reverse shifting and throttle in the tiller handle, trolling lever, 10hp @ 4,000 rpm, max 5,000 rpm, adjustable friction co-pilot, vacuum fuel pump, two prop choices (two and three-blade). Motor is original except for some assorted gaskets, fuel line, impeller, tank hose and primer bulb, and fuel pump check valves. The boat, named "Uncle Herbie" for my great-uncle, was purchased from a friend for $150 and has a newly painted and textured floor, fuel tank frame, reinforced and improved transom, and painted seats with no-sink foam boxes.

1949 Mercury KF7 Super 10 Lightning
If you like this video please vote for it in the Mercury Films Festival! http://www.mercfilms.com/contests/showentry/796723 This Mercury KF7 Lightning has been completely rebuilt and has about 5 hours on it.The water was a little rough due to some wakeboarders, so it was difficult to run at full throttle for an extended period.

First Run Mercury KH7 Cruiser
Runs but misfires , thinking carb,maybe plugs, maybe points. Suggestions?

1956 Alumacraft Model R, KG7's and a KH7
Short Introduction to my 1956 Model R Alumacraft and my 1950 Mercury KG7, my 1951 Mercury KG7 and my 1952 Mercury KH7. All need to be restored.


1952 Mercury KH7 10hp outboard boat motor running in test tank after repairs
1952 Mercury KH7 10hp outboard boat motor running in test tank after repairs

AOMCI at Shelton 2008
AOMCI Shelton Meet in Shelton, CT

KG-7 Mercury Racing Super 10 Hurricane Q Tower Quickie Lower unit
This is a restoration in progress But I just don't have time for it. I've never tried to run this motor myself. I just assumed like most of these it would need Coils,Condensers,Water Pump etc. Compression feels real good Power head and lower unit turn smooth. This is a Numbers Matching unit. Meaning the numbers on the Face Plate match the Block numbers. Also motor still has the Block Seal tag. I have an extra Carb set up for the Dead man's throttle. With a Bracket to hold the throttle cable that will be included. Also I will include a steering Bar that mounts on the back of the motor for remote steering. Note the Tank was shot with Automotive Quality Primer and Paint. NOT A SPRAY BOMB! OR RATTLE CAN.

1952 Mercury KH-7 IDLE SOLVED!!!!
Bought a new float to replace the old chipped cork float , still didn't solve the pop and lack of idle. Did however notice that if I partially close the choke it would idle down nice, obvious fuel/air mix issue. Pulled out the idle orifice tube and found a tiny tiny pebble stuck in the bottom of it. Blew it out, replaced the tube back in the carb, the video is the result of finding that f****ng pebble!

Pearly Miss - 1971 Mercury 400 40hp wide open throttle
Informal run of Classic Motor Boat Association members on Southampton Water - 1971 Mercury 400 40hp on early 1960s Windboats of Wroxham model Pearly Miss No322(Duratech copy)

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