Mercury KH7

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Tips on buying a used outboard motor
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1952 Mercury KH-7 KH7 Cruiser
Just got back from Mississauga after picking up my new motor, shot a vid. KH7 History- Mercury racing outboards back in the 50's known as the KG7H/Q Hurricane were the motor to beat. They were 10hp motors knows as the "green top" motors, if you don't know much about Mercury's they put out more like 16+ horsepower, they were the sleeper motor of the day. The last production motor to have the Hurricane 20 CI powerhead with the integral gas tank was the KH7 Cruiser. Only built in 1952 it was knows as the "transition motor". Features on the KH7 such as forward , neutral and reverse as well as a twist grip throttle were not found on the KG7. It was Mercury's plan to put these features on the 1951 version of the KG7 but were late in production so they included it on the 1952 model and renamed it the KH-7. The 1953 Model was the Mercury Mark 15 which used a remote fuel tank and included all the other features as the KH-7. IMO this motor is relatively rare, research shows only 10,000 were produced. This particular model was purchased from a collector in Ontario. He bought it from a collector in the US. It has the factory lower unit without the drill modification, does not have a telltale hole drilled in the block like so many others and has the matching powerhead with lead plug in tact.

Mercury Marine: 50 Years of Leadership (Abridged for YouTube)
In 1989, Mercury Marine celebrated its 50th year. Mercury was a classic Wisconsin entrepreneurial story-- a bit of luck, a bit of genius, and a product that helped people have outdoors fun. My company was lucky enough to be selected to tell that story in video. Luckily, the founder of Mercury, Carl Kiekhaefer, was a film buff, and he made sure that many of Mercury's key milestones and events were captured on film. Visually, this is the most comprehensive visual history I've ever been involved with, because of the availability at that time of the archives at Mercury (after Kiekhaefer left the company, the filming dropped off.) Now, Mercury is at a crossroads... it may leave Wisconsin over a labor dispute, and perceptions of various costs of doing business in the State of Wisconsin. I don't have a dog in that fight. What I do have is access to this document of the founding of a company and the maintenance of that founder's vision; the impact one idea had on the culture and employment in the city of Fond du Lac, of and of a time when business and fun could be mixed into a heady brew of local Booster-ism, industry leadership, and economic success. Special Thanks to Ed Huck and Joe Slezak for selecting my company for corporate image and new product introductions over the years. Written and directed by Brien Lee,; edited by Mark Augustine; narrated by Henry Strozier.

1950 Mercury KG-7
She fires right up after years and years of sitting!