Mercury KH7

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KG-7 Mercury Racing Super 10 Hurricane Q Tower Quickie Lower unit
This is a restoration in progress But I just don't have time for it. I've never tried to run this motor myself. I just assumed like most of these it would need Coils,Condensers,Water Pump etc. Compression feels real good Power head and lower unit turn smooth. This is a Numbers Matching unit. Meaning the numbers on the Face Plate match the Block numbers. Also motor still has the Block Seal tag. I have an extra Carb set up for the Dead man's throttle. With a Bracket to hold the throttle cable that will be included. Also I will include a steering Bar that mounts on the back of the motor for remote steering. Note the Tank was shot with Automotive Quality Primer and Paint. NOT A SPRAY BOMB! OR RATTLE CAN.

1952 Mercury KH-7 IDLE SOLVED!!!!
Bought a new float to replace the old chipped cork float , still didn't solve the pop and lack of idle. Did however notice that if I partially close the choke it would idle down nice, obvious fuel/air mix issue. Pulled out the idle orifice tube and found a tiny tiny pebble stuck in the bottom of it. Blew it out, replaced the tube back in the carb, the video is the result of finding that f****ng pebble!

AOMCI at Shelton 2008
AOMCI Shelton Meet in Shelton, CT

1963 Merc 350 on Lake Ontario