Lime rock vintage festival 2009

Highlights of in car video during the 2009 Lime rock vintage festival. This event is held every Labor day weekend and is a must visit event for any sports car enthusiast. Lime rock park is a special place. I think of this race track as being the birthplace of road racing in America, along with Watkins Glenn and Bridgehampton. Sorry about the chickens at the end. Somehow it does not seem right that a racing video should end with chickens, but oh well, that is the way it turned out.

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VIR Wild Hare Run, April 12, 2009 - Vintage Racing In Car video, Triumph TR-4
A good run at Virginia International Raceway under sunny blue skies.

Lime Rock Vintage 9/11 Carl winning in his MGA
This is the first race Carl has ever won. He has been racing since 1982. We were so excited to watch him win. Lime Rock was an amazing track, in a beautiful area. This event is a must attend. I can't wait to go again. Carl started in 4th and quickly got to 2nd. The 1st place car broke and it was Carl's to lose. Then he was passed, and he was able to pass him back. Then his car started smoking and he almost came in. We later figured out his valve cover leaked oil on the manifold and caused the white smoke. It was an amazing race.

Let's Not Mention Whose Driving #2: Lime Rock Historic Festival, Group 1, Final Race
On Board MGA #645. Found myself in last place after my stop at the Sam Posey Rest Area. Final Group 1 Race at the Lime Rock Historic Festival on Sept. 2, 2013

Chevy Monza race cars at Limerock Park
2 Chevy Monza race cars idling at Limerock after a few hot laps. Brought to you by