01 Mustang GT auto vs 03 G35 Sedan auto

3 Races...i win the last one

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G35 Auto vs Mustang GT and G35 vs Camaro SS
Friday night drags a Qualcomm Stadium.

g35 vs mustang gt

04 Mustang GT vs '10 G37 sedan
The Mustang has 4.10s and cold air, the 37 is stock. Both cars had passengers...the 37 was the honker and he kinda just went before we got to 30 lol. But we had to let off for a red light..

G35 Sedan vs 5.3 s10 & 5.0 Mustang
G35 Sport Sedan: Stock; 5.3 s10: Ls6 cam & minor bolt-on's; 5.0 Mustang: Stock