Peninsula Automotive 11th Annual VW Jam carshow Engine Blow

Peninsula Automotive 11th Annual VW Jam carshow held on September 11, 2011 in Campbell, CA (San Jose/Silicon Valley area). Another engine blow which this one punch some holes through the top of the engine case. An oil relief plug worked its way loose and got flung out by the crank pulley onto the ground around the 2:43 mark.

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Bugtoberfest 17 - Engine Blow
Filem at Bugtoberfest 17. The engine blow took way longer than I thought, they ran it without oil. I believe it spun a bearing near the end. It probably would have started if they had let it cool.

Simpson Racing Engines Blown 2332cc
Super charged 2332cc blown motor first start up.

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Double Blown 540 Running on Engine Stand 671 and 871 Superchargers
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