1991 Camaro Straight Exhaust Rev

My 1991 Camaro 305 TBI 5 speed with striaght Exhaust WITH a cat, revving.

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1988 Camaro Before and After Exhaust
Ok so from 0-55 seconds that is the old Exhaust, The rest of the video is the new Exhaust. The Engine is a stock 305 TBI with a 5 speed transmission The New Exhaust is True Duals running straight back over the axle into a pair of Flowmaster 10 series mufflers. The Before Exhaust was just the Stock Y-pipe and I dont know the muffler. It sounds alot more aggresive now and I love it

2 different camaro exhaust driveby and revs
my friend's 90 Camaro 305 tbi 1. with Exhaust leak, 2. with magnaflow cat, 2.5 catback with flowmaster/my 91 Camaro 350 tbi 1.with 3inch pipe catback with flowmaster 2. flowmaster Exhaust before the 3inch piping, it was stock piping

88 Camaro New Dual Exhaust
My 1988 Camaro 305 TBI has a new True Dual Exhaust set up on it. Much louder than before, The mufflers that were put on are Flowmaster 10 series, Im going to make a Video of the Before and After sound.

1991 camaro rs exhaust
my 91 Camaro rs with a 305 tbi and speed with flowmaster 40 series muffler and 2.5in piping