Shooting 9mm from a 12 gauge ?? Shotgun Chamber Adapters

Tim Miller is an Editor for Gun Websites And will be attending SHOT Show 2017, stay tuned for coverage of our 13th SHOT Show Short Lane Chamber Adapters convert your shotgun to a different gauge or caliber. We shot the following 12 gauge adapters: 12 gauge to .22LR 12 gauge to .44 mag 12 gauge to .38 special 12 gauge to 9mm and 12 gauge to .45 acp Buy these at These are designed to work with most 12 gauge break action (double or single barrel) shotguns Let's you use your current platform (12 gauge) to accept other types of ammo The ultimate survival tool 12 gauge to 20g to .410 to .22lr Shotgun Adapters Where we got this Shotgun Tactical / Survival Shotgun Modifications Now I can try some of the interesting ideas from Wilderness Outfitters, one of my favorite channels on You Tube Check out their videos on 12 gauge shotguns and the many uses for this simple, rugged single shot firearm.. The Pathfinder School LLC 21st Century Longhunter Series Shotgun SubCaliber Inserts Ammo Buyers Guide Shotgun Buyers Guide Gun Websites Gear; Gun Websites Blog: Gun Websites Chat: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter:!/GunWebsites

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The Littlest Shotgun
I use jumpcuts because I'm bad at things. Part 2 will include: ballistics gel, watermelons, mini shells, slugs, dragon's breath, proper slow motion, and less walking in front of loaded guns. The Chronos camera won't be releasing until around July, so I'm stuck waiting until then. Thanks for watching.

7.62 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotshell Ballistic Gel Test
Testing the Custom 7.62 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotshell in a ballistic gel format as approximately 30 feet. Using a donated ballistic testing media that was calibrated perfectly to match some random specification determined by no one in particular. Test gun is the Mossberg 590A1, 18" barrel - Parkerized with a 16" magazine tube. Filmed with three Sony HD AVCHD Camcorders; HDR-CX190. Edited in Final Cut Pro X. Please check out TheWoundChannel who donated the Ballistics gel This is the 7.62x54r 12 gauge wax shotgun slug. We take a handful of Tula 7.62x54r and convert them to a combination wax / live ammo cartridge slug. Conceptualized as a 762x12 gauge wacky shotgun load we discover than this load actually has serious power, penetration and aiming capabilities. Despite all of this, the round is very dangerous and should not be built by novices or shot out of low grade equipment. Yo Dawg we put a bullet in yo bullet so you can shoot while you shoot. The Title of this video is: Shooting Live 7.62x54R From A 12 gauge shotgun - Penetrator? I discussed this with and got ideas from Jeff / Taofledermaus You should check his channel and subscribe if you have not already. He also created a video like this. He put 5.56 rounds in 12 gauge shells here: Answering questions that operators are afraid to ask. Mattv2099 takes a scientific and objective approach to the minutia of the shooting sports. Answering important questions and inventing life hacks the Operator Science playlist serves both as education and entertainment. From weird and crazy custom shotgun loads to PhD dissertation level science this is the place for both education and entertainment operations. Check out my Operator Science Playlist! Subscribe to my second channel: Here are a few of my popular videos that you may like: 600 Round Assault Clip: First Shots USFA Zip Gun: Twinkie Filled AK: Check me out of facebook! I have a patreon campaign: Music used: Lock & Load by Licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 Unported License | Android Aware Remastered by:TeknoAXE

Gunsmithing - How to Rebore a Rifle Barrel Presented by Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA
For the full length version of this and other MidwayUSA videos visit the MidwayUSA Video Library: A very specialized gunsmithing job is reboring a rifle barrel to a larger caliber. Watch along as Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA, demonstrates the process of reboring and rechambering a Winchester 1885 Low Wall (made in 1891) from the long obsolete caliber of 32 rimfire to 357 Magnum.

Ghost loading a Mossberg 930 SPX
I saw some threads on how to ghost load or float one and I couldn't get that method to work. So I did a little investigation on my own and found a decent way to do it. I fumbled a couple times during filming but it can be done very quickly with practice. Be safe and responsible out there. I have not tested how reliable the ghost loading affects function but it work good with hand cycling. I need to get out to the range to prove it out.