Shooting 9mm from a 12 gauge ?? Shotgun Chamber Adapters

Short Lane Chamber Adapters convert your shotgun to a different gauge or caliber. We shot the following 12 gauge adapters: 12 gauge to .22LR 12 gauge to .44 mag 12 gauge to .38 special 12 gauge to 9mm and 12 gauge to .45 acp Buy these at These are designed to work with most 12 gauge break action (double or single barrel) shotguns Let's you use your current platform (12 gauge) to accept other types of ammo The ultimate survival tool 12 gauge to 20g to .410 to .22lr Shotgun Adapters Where we got this Shotgun Tactical / Survival Shotgun Modifications Now I can try some of the interesting ideas from Wilderness Outfitters, one of my favorite channels on You Tube Check out their videos on 12 gauge shotguns and the many uses for this simple, rugged single shot firearm.. The Pathfinder School LLC 21st Century Longhunter Series Shotgun SubCaliber Inserts Ammo Buyers Guide Shotgun Buyers Guide Gun Websites Gear; Gun Websites Blog: Gun Websites Chat: Find us on Facebook: Find us on Twitter:!/GunWebsites

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BB Fired at a Live 12 Gauge Shell
Another experiment, this time with an air rifle firing BBs. First shot at a shell by itself, then shot at a shell inside a shotgun barrel. The music in this video is called "Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from

Loading my Mossberg SA-20
Loading my Mossberg SA-20

Fire a .22 shell from a 12 gauge adapter
Ever wonder if those adapters that let you shoot a smaller piece of ammo in your shotgun work? I managed to hit two aluminum cans... Super duper disclaimer: I don't think you should try this if you dislike guns, don't understand their function or figure you are too expert to have not seen anything that was ever invented. here's a hint, if you are a horrible shot with a regular firearm and cannot hit a can at 20 feet, this sort of adapter won't help you. firearms are inherently dangerous and always remember to keep them pointed in a safe direction. if you lack the intelligence to use a dangerous object, whether a temporary lapse or a permanent deficiency, please don't operate firearms or even handle ammunition. to skeptics: there is no guy in the background.

50 BMG from a 12 Gauge Shotgun
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