Shooting 9mm from a 12 gauge ?? Shotgun Chamber Adapters

we use these chamber adapters to use rifle and Handgun Ammunition in a shotgun without any permanent changes to the gun These were great for using all the ammo or just planking very inexpensively Using a chamber adapter in a shotgun allows you to use Handgun Ammunition in a shotgun or rifle ammunition in a shotgun In this video we take a look at some shotgun chamber adapters which change the caliber of a shotgun to handgun or rifle caliber if you want to learn how to shoot Handgun Ammunition out of a shotgun for survival or prepping situations, then check out this video Short Lane Chamber Adapters convert your shotgun to a different gauge or caliber. We shot the following 12 gauge adapters: 12 gauge to .22LR 12 gauge to .44 mag 12 gauge to .38 special 12 gauge to 9mm and 12 gauge to .45 acp Buy these at These are designed to work with most 12 gauge break action (double or single barrel) shotguns Let's you use your current platform (12 gauge) to accept other types of ammo The ultimate survival tool 12 gauge to 20g to .410 to .22lr Shotgun Adapters Where we got this Shotgun Tactical / Survival Shotgun Modifications Now I can try some of the interesting ideas from Wilderness Outfitters, one of my favorite channels on You Tube Check out their videos on 12 gauge shotguns and the many uses for this simple, rugged single shot firearm.. The Pathfinder School LLC 21st Century Longhunter Series Shotgun SubCaliber Inserts Gun Websites Patches & Other Gear; Support Gun Websites Projects Gun Channels For Shooters, by Shooters Fun, Friends & Firearms Find us on Facebook:

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Shotgun Shell exploding OUTSIDE a gun - What Happens?
We test out a Fith Ops perimeter trip alarm to show what happens when a shotgun shell goes off outside the chamber of a shotgun. We will be demonstrating the Fith Ops trip alarm more in another video but check out this site. They have a lot of cool specialty shotgun ammo too! It was nice of them to send us this to test out! Thank you Patreon supporters!

Atomic Bullet Thunder Cannon Time Lapse
In this time lapse video a bullet shaped thunder mug / cannon is made from 2 inch by 5 inch brass. One can be purchased here:

Remington 12 GA 3" Magnum Slug Gel Test
Testing the Remington Slugger, 12 gauge 3" Magnum 1 oz Foster rifled slug (hollow base) in a ballistic gel format at a distance of 20 feet. Using SIM-TEST Ballistic Testing Media that has been recalibrated to match the properties of 10% ordinance gelatin. Brief review pre-shot followed by evaluation of the tested media. Test gun is the Mossberg 590A1 Special Purpose shotgun, 20" barrel. With a muzzle velocity of 1700 fps, this 1 ounce (437.5 grains) piece of lead is packing approximately 2800 ft lbs of energy at the muzzle. We could see a 50 lb block of gel go airborne! Filmed with two Sony HD AVCHD camcorders; HDR-CX560 at 28 mbps 60p and HDR-CX110 at 24 mbps. EDITING: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, MP4, 30p, 16 mbps.