sand rails drag race in trevorton pa

two rails race

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MSBA Mount Baldy Hillclimb Spring 2009 in under 11 minutes!
This is nearly every video that I took at the event. The only ones that didn't make the cut were either low quality or repeats. If you ran, but do not see your car in the video, send me a message and I can upload another video with the remaining footage I have.

Trevorton PA Hillclimbing July 18-20 2013
Went out to PA and went hillclimbing for a few days, we went to trevorton and then shamokin, nobody could climb the bounty except preacher, some video is from my contour gps and the other video is from my jvc camcorder, thanks to Don for being such a great host, looking forward to coming out again when its a little cooler out

Guru goes "VERT" Hill Climbs Trevorton Pa. KX500
Airing out some nasty lines on the coal banks Saturday. Hitting hard with whats left of the "back wall". Repp'n the mighty 2 smoke K5 baby! A new level of crazy! Yo' King, bring me my crown! $$$

St. Anthony Dunes - Rails Rippin' Choke - Local sand rails rippin' up ChokeCherry Hill @ St. Anthony Sand dunes.