Maisto Tech Monster Drift Review

Maisto Tech Monster Drift here is a quick review on the maisto tech monster drift. this is kind of getting to be an old video but i still feel like i did really good on the review and showed the car and its abilities. _website: Website: ________________________________________­_____________ -Social Links- Facebook Page: Instagram: G3ckoguy ________________________________________­_____________ Gaming Channel: ________________________________________­_____________ Please note, I do FREQUENT collection videos. What you see from a year ago, or tomorrow, or next week MAY NOT BE IN MY COLLECTION ANYMORE!

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Traxxas mini slash upgrade to 2.4ghz- how to
_Traxxas mini slash upgrade to 2 4ghz how to here is my first quick guide on how to upgrade your traxxas mini vehicles. mine is an older model of the mini slash and has the 27mhz transmitter i will swap out for the 2.4ghz version. Website: -Social Links- Facebook Page: Instagram: G3ckoguy OTHER CHANNELS: Gaming Channel _

Besteker Portable Wireless Speaker Review
here is the long awaited Besteker Portable Wireless Speaker Review. it comes in two colors as well black and green. a big shout out to the guys over at besteker for sending me this cool gadget to review. take it anywhere with you for 12 hours of playback music. this is probably one of the best best portable speaker with bass. these are available on amazon and the uk. links are in description. US: 01DUBS7OG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&keywords=Bluetooth+Speaker Website: Facebook Page: Instagram: @G3ckoguy Twitter: @GeckoGuyYoutube OTHER CHANNELS: Wife's Channel: Gaming Channel: For all cartoon videos i give full credit to the original content creators.

JayMod's modified maisto tech R/c drift. Car
Modified Rc car

Drifting Robot Car - The Latest in Hobby Robotics
Learn how to make a drifting robot car with a few cheap components and some simple code in this tutorial episode of The Latest in Hobby Robotics. The car used in the video is a "Fast Lane RC Monster Drift 1:24″ by Maisto Tech. It's sold in many webshops and on eBay. The code shown in the video can be downloaded here: Microcontroller used: PICAXE 08M on AXE230 by Revolution Education ( Ultra-Sonic Ranger used: SRF05 by Devantech Ltd ( Tools used: DSO nano - Pocket size oscilloscope by Seeed Studio ( 845) Simple Servo Tester by Gadget Gangster ( How to make your very first robot: on twitter: Learn more here: