Nyce1s - The Return of Santiago Racing Toyota Starlet... Pan American Nationals 2011!!!

Congrats to Santiago Racing on the rebuild of their Toyota Starlet!! They had a serious crash with the car. It has since been repaired and was back out for the first time at the Pan American Nationals for 2011! Congrats to the team on a new personal best!! Checkout Nyce1s @ !! Check us out for more videos @ !!

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Nyce1s - Honda Day @ Englishtown August 21st, 2011 Promo Video!
Here is the event video trailer for Honda Day @ Englishtown on August 21st, 2011!!! Checkout for more event information!! Nyce1s will see you there!! Checkout !!! Checkout !!! Checkout !!!


Nyce1s - The Worlds Fastest 13B Rotary... La Otra Toyota Starlet!!
Here is a look at La Otra. The world's fastest 13B powered Rotary. The car is using the Toyota Starlet platform. Congrats to the team as they recently went back into the 6 second range!! Check us out at !!! Checkout for more videos!!!

Santiago Racing New Personal Best 7.26 @ 189mph
Video of the run from Santiago Racing establishing their new personal best at Maple Grove Raceway on 9/9/12. 13B turbo Alcohol Delirium Motorsports MPH Fabrications Porche Wire Wizard Video by: