Demo of how quickly a car can be stripped for parts — It doesn't take long for thieves to strip a car for parts to sell on the black market. As a way to remind drivers of this, Allstate Insurance Co. Thursday launched a 14-state tour to show just how fast a car can be stolen and stripped.

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rims stolen and recovered on the same day
This is a property where our dealers installed an HD camera system. We consulted with the installers and the property manager and suggested several cameras at the entrance to capture a license plate. These subjects used their girlfriend's car to carry out the crime. The property management company was able to locate the house where the Solara was registered, and subsequently were able to recover the tenants wheels. This customer has since become a customer of Night Hawk Monitoring's remote cctv monitoring service. Links to the original videos: For more information, visit our site.

Camaro Theft - Gone in 30 Seconds
The Chevy Camaro remains a popular vehicle to steal due to the popularity of their parts such as the engines and transmissions. Stolen 911 creator and Auto Theft Investigator Marc Hinch shows what the end result is for Camaro theft victims. Be sure to check out the latest stolen Camaros at .

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The Underworld Of Professional Car Theft
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